Aaron Scholz wasted no time establishing himself among the best of the lo-fi singer/songwriters of the early 21st century. Having spent his childhood in Cedar Falls, IA, with access to his father's eclectic collection of jazz, British rock, and American folk, Scholz would go on to incorporate the influence of Pete Townshend, Ray Davies, and Jack Logan into his unique blend of country, pop, and folk. Starting guitar and choir around the age of 13, Scholz would discover he had a good musical ear and equally good voice, though he lost track of any musical ambitions when he entered college. A reluctant performer, Scholz would eventually be coaxed into open mic performances and would soon turn jam sessions with friends into a year-and-a-half stint with the power pop Ultramaroons. After a recording session with his bandmates fell apart, Scholz took the opportunity to record his own compositions. As he was providing all the instrumentation, he still lacked experience on the drums and decided to learn on the job with his friends in Boba Fettish. Finally, in a culmination of his talents, Perfect Child was released on Valentine's Day 2000. The remainder of 2000 was spent assembling a touring band and recording his sophomore release while occasionally performing live in Madison, WI. ~ Matt Fink, Rovi