Airbag is an Argentine hard rock band formed in 1999. It is composed of three brothers: Patricio Sardelli (lead guitar, piano and vocals), Gastón Sardelli (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Guido Sardelli (drums, although since their disc Una Hora A Tokyo, he also started playing the rhythm guitar and vocals). History: Beginnings (1999-2003): Originally from Don Torcuato town in Buenos Aires Province, they started playing songs from Deep Purple, The Beatles, Guns N' Roses, Chuck Berry, Green Day and Blink 182. In 2003 they signed with Warner Music for the release of their debut album. Debut album and Blanco Y Negro (2004-2007): Their debut album certified gold in Argentina, and received an MTV Award for "Best New Artist"; after a tour in Latin America they started the recording of their second studio album, Blanco Y Negro, which led them to win another MTV Award, this time for "Best Southern Artist". Mainstream success (2008-present): Their third album was nominated for Best Rock Album on the Latin American Grammys, and also the gardel award for Argentinian music. Also for this album, drummer Guiudo Sardelli started playing the rhythm guitar and singing in songs like "Mi sensación", "Revolución" and "Lejos del sol". The album was very well received, mostly for its mature tone.

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