The Tyrones were a popular Philadelphia rock and roll group of the 1950s run by Tyrone DeNittis and featuring George Lesser that recorded a number of hit songs including "Blast Off" and "I'm Shook" and appeared singing "Blast Off" in the film Let's Rock. Sponsored in part by Bill Haley, the Tyrones recorded a number of Haley/Comets-written songs. It is also believed that several Comets including Frank Beecher took part in the recording sessions, which were later "cleaned up" by Johnny Grande and Billy Williamson. DeNittis' brother, Al Dean, briefly joined the Comets as sax player in 1960. He may also have recorded with the Tyrones. In more recent times, several Tyrones classics were used on the soundtrack of the 1999 animated film The Iron Giant. The Tyrones song "Pink Champagne" was also featured in John Waters' Pink Flamingos (1972), during the infamous party scene.

Source: Wikipedia

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