Alana Levandoski is a songwriter from Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada. She was born in Kelwood, Manitoba. Cover versions of her song have been performed or recorded by artists such as Heather Bishop, Jay Semko, Linda Rocheleau, Katy Bowser and Kenny Hutson (Nashville). She has co-written with Gary Nichols, Jim Photoglo, Sylvia Tyson, James LeBanc, Mark Simos, and Colin Cripps, and has worked as a songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee and Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Levandoski's debut album, Unsettled Down, was released on Rounder Records in July 2005. She recorded her second album, Lions and Werewolves, with Liverpool producer and triple Grammy winner Ken Nelson who produced the first three Coldplay records. Nelson flew to Manitoba initially to work on the project, and Levandoski completed the album at Parr St Studios in Liverpool, at times using the same piano Chris Martin played on some of Coldplay's recordings. Levandoski has toured Canada, Europe, the US and the United Kingdom with such acts as Carlene Carter, Bruce Cockburn, Blue Rodeo, Kevin Welch, Dar Williams, Tanya Tucker, Corb Lund, and Lynn Miles. Levandoski has had albums released on Rounder Records and Blue Lily Records (EMI) and her early works are published by Brycemoor Music out of Toronto. She relocated to Edmonton, Alberta in late 2011 where she teamed up with Rhea March formerly of U22 Productions, to form the School of Song, an outreach program that mentors young performers and talent. Levandoski continues to write songs and is working on a book and an album that reflects a solo five-month tour and music "pilgrimage" she made in 2011. She also has been the guest professional at Berklee College of Music's Advanced Lyric Writing Class.

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