Alexander or Alex Campbell may refer to: Contents 1 Canadian politicians, 2 Politicians and military, 3 Others, 4 See also, Canadian politicians: Alexander Campbell (Upper Canada politician) (1770-1834), farmer and political figure in Upper Canada, Alexander Franklin Campbell (1845-?), Canadian politician, Sir Alexander Campbell (Canadian senator) (1822-1892), legislator, minister, Lieutenant Governor, and Senator, Alexander B. Campbell (born 1933), longtime premier of Prince Edward Island, Alexander Campbell (Nova Scotia politician) (1826-1909), Scottish-born notary public and political figure in Nova Scotia, Canada, Alexander Campbell (Newfoundland politician) (1876-1940), physician, fox rancher and political figure in Newfoundland, Max Campbell (1888-1962), Canadian politician, Politicians and military: Alexander Cameron Campbell, MP for Argyllshire, 1841-1843, Alexander Campbell (American politician) (1779-1857), Ohio, Alexander Campbell (Illinois politician) (1814-1898), Alexander Douglas Campbell (1899-1980), British Army officer, Alexander Fraser Campbell, George Cross recipient, Alexander Glynn Campbell (1796-1836), MP for Fowey 1819-1820, Alexander Henry Campbell (1822-?), British Conservative politician, Alexander W. Campbell (1828-1893), military officer in the Confederate States Army, Alexander William Campbell (general) (1828-1893), American Civil War Confederate general, Sir Alexander Campbell, 1st Baronet (1760-1824), British general, Captain Alexander Campbell (1756-1785), British Army officer and MP for Nairnshire, Colonel Alexander Campbell of Possil (1754-1849), military officer, General Alexander Campbell (died 1832), British Army officer and MP for Anstruther Burghs, Others: Alex Campbell (footballer), footballer for Clapton Orient, Alex Campbell (ice hockey) (born 1948), Canadian former ice hockey player, Alex Campbell (singer) (1925-1987), Scottish folk singer, Alexander Buchanan Campbell (1914-2007), Scottish architect, Alexander Campbell (suspected Molly Maguire; 1833-1877), Irish-born tavern owner, executed in Pennsylvania as a suspected Molly Maguire, Alexander Campbell (clergyman) (1788-1866), Religious reformer on the American Frontier during the Second Great Awakening, Alexander Campbell (musician and writer) (1764-1824), Scottish musician and miscellaneous writer, Alexander Campbell of Carco (died 1608), Scottish prelate, Bishop of Brechin, Alexander Petrie Campbell (1881-1963), Australian-born religious leader

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