The Cocobola Club was formed Alex Causey, Rich Leon and Mike Urso in November of 2005 from a Jam session on a Sunday afternoon. The members of the Cocobola Club all have many years of musical experience in writing, recording and performing. Their influences range from D'jango Reinhardt, Crosby-Stills & Nash, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Hollies, Stones, Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Etc. We are a Mixed Gendre of Folk,Country, Blues and Latin Jazz On acoustic guitars. Cocobola: N :- The Hard durable wood of any of several tropical trees of the "Genus Dalbergia" of the legume family used in the extensively in the production fine guitars. The wood is found in Brazil where the mountain Indians say if you "Stare into the grain of rosewood long enough, you will see visions of the future".