Garry Mitchell, known as Alex Mitchell is a singer, songwriter, poet and writer, best known for being the frontman for Circus of Power (COP). Musical career: Born in Toronto but raised in Florida Mitchell began founding and performing in several bands before achieving notoriety, which included Saint Mary's Children of Salvation and Crucial Truth. In 1986, Mitchell turned his focus toward founding a more grounded rock and roll band; the Circus of Power, the most successful venture of his musical career. After they disbanded, Mitchell has been a member of Absolutely Free, Uncle Max, Second Ring of Power, Plastic Gator Machine, and Fat Nancy. Author and writer: Mitchell is now writing short stories for Far West Almanac. He collaborated with the Los Angeles band, Rusty Eye, providing spoken word and vocals on the song "The Serial Kind" for the album Possessor". Has also written a novel, Working Class Superstar.

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