Hi, my name is Alison Goedde and I am a musician.

Duh, you already know that by now if you're reading this. Either that or you're trying to think of the correct way to pronounce my last name. Well, it's ok if you get it wrong, I don't mind, just call me Ali. Three letters is simple enough, right?

Anyway, this is where you read about how I'm a musician and all that jazz. So, here 'goes.

I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Indiana: Haubstadt. Good luck trying to pronounce that one too. Population:1600. It pretty much is a bunch of cornfields with a few houses scattered about them. Farms, farms, farms, corn, farms, more corn, and everyone knows everyone. I don't feel shy waving at anyone because I know everyone, and like any other small town, it runs on school sporting events, rumors, and whatever makes the local news.

How does this play into me being a musician you ask? Well, I grew up here, I love to tell stories, and I write songs. I'd say it's the perfect mix for the basis of a musician. Add in a large, German family that loves music and you get me!

My interest in music started when I was around 6 years old. My cousin Lindsay taught me how to play "Hot Cross Buns" on Grandma Jenny's old piano. I couldn't stop playing after I learned it. Soon I had a tiny little keyboard only my little fat fingers could play. I'm sure I annoyed the heck out of my parents playing the song over and over and over, but, it was the only song I knew. Until I really started honing in on the individual notes in the songs I listened to, instead of singing along. From then on, songs I wanted to learn how to play were songs I pecked out by ear. I had no idea what the heck sheet music was. I never received real lessons until the fifth grade, but by then I could catch on to anything music related fairly easily.

Since the fifth grade I have picked up the guitar, violin, mandolin, ukelele, and I've put all the other instruments I haven't begged to my parents about buying for me on a long waiting list.

So now that brings us to where I'm sitting today. Which is on my couch typing this bio.

Just kidding. I am currently pursuing a Film degree at Watkins College of Art, Design, & Film in Nashville, TN. I moved down to Nashville for two reasons:

1. I had to go to college and I really love movies and TV and just the entertainment industry as a whole. So why not get a degree that has something to do with that? ........makes sense to me.

2. (In the back of my head) Maybe I'll meet a few people in the music industry and......ya know.......write a billion songs.......maybe someone will like one of them and...........I'll get to perform it on a stage in front of people.........and someone will like it........and maybe score a radio tour or get to write with someone.............or..........something???

I like to dream. I'm constantly daydreaming about random things. Usually related to actually having a boyfriend or eating chocolate, or playing on a stage with the Dixie Chicks......or just being with a really good group of friends who all know how to play music or harmonize really well and just being plain cool. (I sort of have it all when I daydream).

So now I'm figuring out the ins and outs of the great city of Nashville (which gets smaller to me every time I go for a drive) and, I LOVE IT!
I will continue to pursue a Film degree unless a fork in the road arrives (I don't mind forks in the road, sometimes they come when you least expect them and when you need them most) and also write, write, write, and make connections and more friends!

I hope that you learned something about me from reading this entirely long and extremely simplified description of my life and how I'm claiming to be a musician.

But back to Haubstadt. It's a town I couldn't wait to get out of a year ago, but when I was gone, I kinda missed it. Living in the city isn't the same but I'm willing to make that sacrifice because I know The Big Man Upstairs has a plan for me and didn't lure me to Nashville for no reason.

And so I'm bringing this to a close because I could go on forever and ever. Amen.