American Catapult is a band that truly has the soul of the American landscape running through their veins... The band is likely to resonate with a wide demographic and cross section of music lovers—and rightly so. –

American Catapult is a good alt-country band giving you the past and present in the same chord progression; American Catapult knows its heroes, and is on the road seeking new ones to pass on. –

Every good band has a story, something that marks their territory in the landscape of worthwhile artists, and deepens their connection with their fans. Southern California-based American Catapult has been living out their story in unlikely places over the last few years, choosing to take their music to any place that would give them permission to play, and even a few that wouldn’t.

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Californian alt-country band American Catapult are an act willing to do things their own way, including doing a tour without booking any dates in advance. Formed in 2003, American Catapult features four veteran musicians with impressive chops as both musicians and songwriters and an eagerness to be heard. AmCat recorded a self-distributed album in 2004, Home of the Brave, which showcased their passionate but down-to-earth roots rock, and it was followed with a 2005 EP, Excess Falling. But AmCat had trouble finding venues interested in their music in Southern California, so they set out on what they called "The Tour of the Brave," in which they roamed the California coast for several days and stopped wherever they could find a crowd willing to hear them play, with locations ranging from a laundromat to a highway rest stop to an airfield, with a small camera crew recording the adventure for posterity. The stunt helped boost interest in AmCat, and after initially releasing their second full- length album Trees Of Mystery themselves, they signed a deal with the respected independent label Cooking Vinyl, who reissued the set in 2007. American Catapult continues to tour, though usually with shows booked well in advance.

AmCat, as their friends call them, reside happily on the outskirts of Americana music. Their influences include R.E.M., Son Volt, Wilco, Counting Crows and others. Years of playing live for surprised strangers and invited guests have made AmCat’s set strong and engaging. Lots of non-comm radio play throughout the U.S. and Canada has confirmed the band’s appeal to a wide range of age and taste. AmCat has had stops in Arizona, Texas (SXSW, others), Tennessee, and up and down California.

Engaging and endearing, their music is as timeless as American music gets, as free and optimistic as a scene from Athens in the ‘80s, and instantly accessible. AmCat plays for the love of it, and would be happy to oblige, even if that means playing in your front yard or parking lot.

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Band Not the Weapon CD (October 2012 FSR),
All This Distance CD (2010 FSR), Permission EP (2008 FSR), Trees of Mystery CD (2007 Cooking Vinyl USA)
Tour of the Brave DVD tour documentary (2005 FSR), Excess Falling EP (2004 FSR), Home of the Brave CD (2003 FSR)