Andrew or Andy Wilson may refer to: Arts and media: Andrew Wilson (artist) (1780-1848), Scottish landscape-painter, Andrew P. Wilson (1886-after 1947), British director, playwright, teacher, and actor, Andrew Wilson (writer) or A. N. Wilson (born 1950), English writer and columnist, Andy Wilson (director) (born 1958), British film, TV and theatre director, Andrew Wilson (presenter), British news presenter and foreign correspondent, Andrew Wilson (actor) (born 1964), American actor and director, Andrew Wilson (musician), frontman for New Zealand punk trio Die! Die! Die!, Sports: Andrew Wilson (footballer, born 1880) (1880-1945), Scottish footballer, Andrew Wilson (footballer, born 1896) (1896-1973), Scottish footballer, Andrew Wilson (canoer) (born 1964), Australian slalom canoer, Andy Wilson (cricketer) (1910-2002), English first class cricketer, Andy Wilson (footballer) (born 1940), English footballer, Andy Wilson (Australian rules footballer) (born 1951), former Australian rules footballer, Andrew Wilson (cricketer, born 1954), New Zealand cricketer, Andrew Wilson (rugby league) (born 1963), English rugby league player, Andrew Wilson (cricketer, born 1970), English cricketer, Andrew Wilson (curler), Scottish curler, Andrew Wilson (sailor), Maltese Olympic sailor, Andy Wilson (cyclist), British Olympic cyclist, Other: Andrew C. Wilson (1816-after 1884), American judge, Andrew Wilson (traveller) (1831-1881), Scottish traveller and author, Andrew Heron Wilson (1844-1906), politician in Queensland, Australia, Andrew Wilson (RAF officer) (born 1941), Royal Air Force commander, Andrew Wilson (academic) (born 1950), American religious scholar, Andrew Wilson (garden designer) (born 1959), British garden designer, lecturer and writer, Andrew Wilson (historian) (born 1961), British historian, Andrew Wilson (classical archaeologist) (born 1968), British archaeologist, Andrew Wilson (politician) (born 1970), Scottish politician, Andrew Wilson (businessman), present CEO from Electronic Arts

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