Contemporary Country
With equal parts sass, sauce and self-confidence, country singer- songwriter Angela Wood is poised to become the musical Carrie Bradshaw of the flyover states.

While her underlying theme of female empowerment is heartfelt and serious, her songs are lighthearted, funny and irresistible, much like a laughter-filled girls1 night out. While Sex and the City depicts the life of women living in New York, Angela's music accurately reflects the experiences of American women living everywhere else. Her powerful and deep voice has repeatedly been compared to Trisha Yearwood's, while her attitude, spunk and ability to capture the pop culture zeitgeist are reminiscent of Shania Twain. The resulting blend is a new sound for the new century.

If the stunning brunette looks familiar, it1s because she1s been featured in some of America1s most prominent commercials, including Super Bowl ads. But for Angela, an acting career has essentially been an interesting day job, allowing her to focus on her true passion, music.

She has written songs with Big & Rich, Vince Gill and Sherrie Austin and performed in a band with Shooter Jennings.

"I've been singing as long as I can remember because my dad was a music minister at a Southern Baptist church, " she says. "When I was five, my dad would take me to concerts." she says. "I remember thinking 'This is what I want to do.' My dad gave me my first and only guitar when I was 15," she says. "He taught me three chords and said, 'Go for it!'"

Angela is a former member of the Virgin AstralWerks band "West Indian Girl", as well as "Stargunn" with Shooter Jennings. All fun
"gigs" according to her, but make no mistake about it: Her heart resides where it always has... in country music. "It's unavoidable. It's who I am. I love to tell a good story and put on a show" she says, "So you KNOW I'm in the right place!"