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Aria is a young latina Modern Country Artist from NY. I know what you're thinking, a Country Artist from NY and latina to boot? Once you learn a little about Aria, you soon learn that it's not as odd as it may sound.

Aria has been singing practically since she could start talking and one of her earliest moments on video was of her singing a Britney Spears song. She grew up in a very musical environment and she and her little sister were always putting on little concerts for her family. Her family has always encouraged her musical dreams and ambitions. With her father being a musician and singer, she grew up having been exposed to everything from rock to pop to latin to country and this comes through in her vocal abilities. Following in her Dad's genes, she grew up with a natural ability to sing and perform virtually any style. She began writing songs at an early age. She plays piano, guitar and is learning the mandolin.

While rock and pop are what she grew up on, it was the pureness and genuineness of country music that guided her to what type of music she would want to pursue as a career. As Aria says, "I love that almost every song has a deeper meaning and any person can relate to the songs. The songs are always heartfelt and nothing ever seems faked or forced. I think that’s the best part of country music. When I was growing up and while writing songs, I think that helped me decide that I wanted to someday be a country singer. I could just be the nerdy, crazy, young girl that I am and I wouldn’t have to change to be anything that I’m not." That pureness and genuineness of Country Music is something very important to this smart young girl who is not only a straight A student but a devout Catholic and self professed Daddy's girl. With New Country / Country artists that she admires such as Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Shania Twain, Reba, LeAnn Rimes, Martina McBride, Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry, Lady Antebellum, etc., she saw and heard that she could be country yet still have a little of the rock/pop sound that she also loves.

While Aria's surname is not Cortes, it also is not just a stage name but rather a tribute to her beloved grandmother who sadly passed away in 2009. Family as you can tell means a lot to Aria and she is very appreciative of all the support and love they have shown her in regards to her dreams and ambitions.

Based on a combination of her image, talent, personality and ambition she was offered an Artist Development deal by World Conquest Management at age 12 and she spent a year working on all it takes to be an artist. At the ripe age of 13 she was signed to World Conquest Records and began working on her debut album titled "Daydreaming", which was released in September 2011. With an album full of songs about self-belief, family and more, this hardworking talented young artist who also co-wrote 2 songs on her debut album, hopes to show the music world that she is an artist that is going to be around for a long time. As the public will see once they get to know her, success couldn't happen to a nicer girl.

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