Arthur Smith may refer to: Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith (1921-2014), American guitar player and composer, Arthur Donaldson Smith (1866-1939), American explorer of Africa, Arthur F. Smith, college football coach, Arthur Henderson Smith (1845-1932), American missionary in China, author of books on Chinese culture, Arthur LeRoy Smith (1886-1951), Canadian politician, Member of Parliament for Calgary West, Arthur Mumford Smith (1903-1968), judge of the U.S. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals, Arthur O. Smith, industrial magnate who founded the A.O. Smith Corporation, Arthur Ryan Smith (1919-2008), Canadian politician, Member of Parliament for Calgary South, Arthur Smith (American football), American football player and coach in the early 1900s, Arthur Smith (American poet), A. J. M. Smith (Arthur James Marshall Smith, 1902-1980), Canadian poet, Arthur Smith (comedian) (born 1954), British comedian and writer, Arthur Smith (curator) (1860-1941), British museum curator and Director of the British School at Rome, Arthur Smith (fencer) (born 1915), British Olympic fencer, Arthur Smith (footballer) (1887-?), English association footballer, Arthur Smith (illustrator) (1916-1991), British entomological illustrator, Arthur Smith (British Army officer) (1890-1977), commanding officer of British Forces in India and Pakistan, 1947-1948, Arthur Smith (rugby), rugby league footballer of the 1900s for Great Britain, England, and Oldham, Arthur Smith (rugby union) (1933-1975), Scottish rugby union footballer, Arthur Smith (U.S. Representative) (1785-1853), U.S. Representative from Virginia, Fiddlin' Arthur Smith (1898-1971), old-time fiddler and songwriter, Arthur Smith (cricketer, born 1851) (1851-1923), English cricketer, Arthur Smith (cricketer, born 1872) (1872-1952), English cricketer, Arthur Hall Smith (born 1929), American painter, Arthur Lionel Smith (1850-1924), British historian at the University of Oxford, A. E. Smith (violin maker) (Arthur Edward Smith, 1880-1978), Australian violin maker, Jack Smith (footballer born 1911) (Arthur John Smith, 1911-1975), Welsh footballer and football manager, Neddy Smith (Arthur Stanley Smith, born 1944), Australian criminal

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