Bob Marley   -  Album

Destiny: Rare Ska Sides from Studio One

Label: Rounder Records
Released: June 8, 1999

Track Listing

01. Destiny [Original Version][#]    
02. Wages of Love [Alternate Take][#]    
03. Do You Feel the Same Way Too [Original Release Version Without Overdub]    
04. Your Love [Not on CD]    
05. Don't Ever Leave Me [Take 1][Alternate Take][#]    
06. Don't Ever Leave Me [Take 2][Alternate Take][#]    
07. I Need You [Not on CD]    
08. Rock Sweet Rock [Not on CD]    
09. Another Dance [Not on CD]    
10. I Stand Predominate [Not on CD]    
11. Where Is My Mother [Acoustic Version][#][Demo Version]    
12. Where Is My Mother [Not on CD][Take]    
13. Dance With Me [Not on CD]    
14. What's New Pussycat?   lyrics
15. Treat Me Good    
16. Jerking Time (A.K.A. Jerk in Time) [Not on CD]    
17. Do It Right [Not on CD]    
18. Let the Lord Be Seen in You [Not on CD]    
19. White Christmas [Not on CD]   lyrics
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