The Sir Douglas Quintet   -  Album

The Best of the Sir Douglas Quintet [Bonus Tracks]

Label: Westside Records - (import)
Released: June 6, 2000

Track Listing

01. She's About a Mover    
02. Beginning of the End    
03. The Tracker    
04. You're Out Walking the Streets Tonight [Version 1]    
05. In the Pines    
06. In the Jailhouse Now, No. 2    
07. Quarter to Three    
08. It's a Man Down There    
09. The Rains Came    
10. Please Just Say So    
11. We'll Take Our Last Walk Tonight    
12. You're Out Walking the Streets Tonight [Version 2]    
13. Sugar Bee    
14. Blue Norther    
15. The Story of John Hardy    
16. In Time    
17. Bacon Fat    
18. She's Gotta Be Boss    
19. Love Don't Treat Me Fair    
20. She Digs My Love    
21. When I Sing the Blues    
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