Faron Young   -  Album

Story Songs for Country Folks [Bonus Tracks]

Label: Canetoad
Released: January 1, 1964

Track Listing

01. Ya'll Come    
02. Rhinestones    
03. Saw Mill    
04. Family Bible    
05. Company's Time    
06. Pickin Time    
07. Share Cropper's Family    
08. Old Court House    
09. Po Folks    
10. Black Land Farmer    
11. Yellow Bandana    
12. What Will I Tell My Darling    
13. We've Got Something in Common    
14. I've Come to Say Goodbye    
15. Closer    
16. How Much I Must Have Loved You    
17. I Miss You Already (And You're Not Even Gone)    
18. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young    
19. Just Out of Reach    
20. I've Got Five Dollars & It's Saturday Night    
21. Sweet Dreams    
22. Place For Girls Like You    
23. I Just Don't Know How to Say No    
24. Let Me Hear You Say I Love You (One More Time)    
25. My Dreams    
26. You Had a Call    
27. I Might as Well Be Alone    
28. Unmitigated Call    
29. Some of Your Memories (Hurt Me All the Time)    
30. I Woke up on the Wrong Side of the World    
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