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About Bad Love Junkie:
BAD LOVE JUNKIE (BLJ) is the stage name of Michigan native; singer, songwriter Eric Saitz. The name “Bad Love Junkie” came from the title of an early unreleased track and seemed to be a perfect fit for the alternative country and indie rock sound of the heartbreak songs that he was writing, recording, and performing.

Starting off with a 4 track, bouncing tracks to create a full band sound, BAD LOVE JUNKIE is a DIY artist. He writes, produces, and records every track in a small basement studio.
Musically influenced by a multitude of artists such as Zepplin, Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon, and Wilco the unique sounds of BLJ are blues based, old school country, mixed with an alternative rock sound. Lyrically influenced by Townes Van Zandt, the title “Not Sad, Hopeless” comes from Townes Van Zandt’s reply when asked why all his songs were so sad, "They’re not sad, they’re hopeless".
Taking time off from recording, BAD LOVE JUNKIE is enjoying the open road and performing.

Not Sad, Hopeless
1. Not Sad, Hopeless
2. The Song I Will Sing
3. It’s Nobody’s Fault
4. War On Love
5. Burn It All Down
6. Can’t Stop The Bleeding
7. It Was Only In My Head
8. The Appreciation
10. I Can’t Feel A Thing
11. F.U.A.