Bailey may refer to: Contents 1 People, 2 Fictional Characters, 3 Other, 4 See also, People: Bailey (surname), Bailey (given name), Fictional Characters: Bailey Pickett, a character on The Suite Life on Deck, Miranda Bailey, a character Grey's Anatomy, Bailey, in the television series Cleopatra 2525, a type of large and heavily armed floating bio-mechanical robot, Bailey Clarke, a character in The Night Circus, Bailey Salinger, a character in Party of Five, Other: Bailey bridge, a portable pre-fabricated truss bridge, Bailey (car), a former USA automobile manufacturer using rotary engines in its cars, Bailey (fortification), an enclosed courtyard adjacent to a motte in a castle, Bailey, a sea area in the BBC Shipping Forecast, Bailey, New Hampshire, a fictional town depicted in the comic book Mister Miracle, Baileys Irish Cream, a type of alcoholic liqueur, Old Bailey, The Central Criminal Court in London, England., Beetle Bailey, a comic strip created by Mort Walker

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