Bella is a Canadian indie pop band from Vancouver, who formed in 2003, and have released two full-length albums. The band signed to Vancouver's Mint Records in 2006 and released the full-length "No One will Know" featuring guest musicians Roddy Bottum (Faith No More), Will Schwartz (Imperial Teen), John Collins (the New Pornographers) and Jason Martin (Starflyer 59). Pretty Mess: Recorded in singer-guitarist-keyboardist Cameron Fraser's bedroom, their 2004 debut release was Pretty Mess, on the indie label Hideout. Tom Harrison of The Province compared the band's sound to 1980s bands Martha and the Muffins and Altered Images. Music from the band's debut album has been featured on CBC Radio 3 and on MuchMusic. The album was mixed by Colin Stewart (Hot Hot Heat, Black Mountain). Bella has performed with the likes of The Breeders, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The New Pornographers, Phoenix, Imperial Teen, Viva Voce, 54-40, and The Organ. Mint Records and No One Will Know: Bella was signed to Mint Records, and the second album, No One Will Know--produced by Dave Carswell (Tegan and Sara) and featuring contributions from Roddy Bottum, Will Schwartz and Jason Martin--was released in 2007. It received mostly positive reviews from music critics. In a favourable review of the album, the Edmonton Journal likened the band's sound to that of Tegan and Sara.Exclaim! called it "futuristic indie pop at its most danceable."No One Will Know reached the top ten of multiple alternative and college album charts in Canada. Band members: Tiffany Garrett Sotomayor- drums, guitar, vocals solo project: That Girl With Dark Eyes, Cameron Fraser - guitar, keys, vocals, Charla McCutcheon - keys, vocals

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