Alternative Country
A professional musician all his adult life, Bill has performed onstage with Jimmy Martin and Jewel, and played just about every honky tonk and coffeehouse in San Diego County. Bill's songs have been played on stations in the US and Europe, used in movie soundtracks, and are enjoyed in Japan, Australia and Denmark. Bill's own life experiences, and the adventures of others are reflected in his writing. He is a pioneer in the sport of hang gliding and has soared wingtip-to-wingtip with eagles thousands of feet up in the Southwestern sky. Further inspiration comes from the vast expanses of the Southwest, especially the desert sky at night. Fascinated with stories of the past, Bill loves people, life, and critters. Bill has produced several award winning video documentaries about soaring. He and his wife recently moved from Southern California back to their hometown, near Boston, MA. A hobbyist in addition to a singer/songwriter, Bill is always creating something, and has built airplanes, hot rods, motorcycles, radio control models and guitars.