William Ross may refer to: Politicians: William Ross, Baron Ross of Marnock (1911-1988), Secretary of State for Scotland in the 1960s, William Ross (Canadian politician) (1824-1912), merchant, ship builder and politician in Nova Scotia, Canada, William Cecil Ross (1911-1998), leader of the (communist) Labour Progressive Party of Manitoba in 1945, William Gladstone Ross (1889-1948), lawyer, judge and politician in Saskatchewan, Canada, William Ross (Unionist politician) (born 1936), Ulster Unionist Party member of Parliament until 2001, William Ross (speaker), New York politician, Speaker of the State Assembly 1814, William Ross (Ontario politician) (1854-1937), merchant and politician in Ontario, Canada, William B. Ross (1873-1924), Governor of Wyoming, William Benjamin Ross (1855-1929), Canadian politician, lawyer and businessman, William Cecil Ross (1911-1998), politician in Manitoba, Canada, and the leader of that province's Communist Party, William Donald Ross (1869-1947), financier, banker and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, William H. H. Ross (1814-1887), American politician and former governor of Delaware, William Roderick Ross (1869-1928), lawyer and politician in British Columbia, Canada, Bill Ross (Australian politician) (1888-1966), member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, William Henry Ross, provincial level politician from Alberta, Canada, Other people: William Ross (composer) (born 1948), soundtrack composer, William Ross (rower) (born 1900), Canadian Olympic rower, William Ross (Star Trek), a fictional character in Star Trek, William Ross (theatrical producer) (1915-1994), State Managers Association, Actors' Equity Association, William Ross (water polo) (born 1928), US water polo player who competed in the 1956 Summer Olympics, William Alexander Ross (1913-1942), Scottish rugby player, William Charles Ross (1794-1860), British artist, W. D. Ross (William David Ross, 1877-1971), British philosopher, William P. Ross (1820-1891), Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, William I of Ross, anglicized form of Uilleam I, Earl of Ross, William II of Ross, anglicized form of Uilleam II, Earl of Ross, William Ross, 8th Lord Ross (died 1640), Scottish nobleman, William Ross, 10th Lord Ross (died 1656), Scottish nobleman, William Ross, 12th Lord Ross (died 1738), Scottish nobleman, soldier and politician, William Ross, 14th Lord Ross (died 1754), Scottish nobleman, William Stewart Ross (1844-1906), Scottish writer and publisher, William Murray Ross (died 1904), entrepreneur in Melbourne

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