Bill White may refer to: Contents 1 Politics and law, 2 Sports 2.1 Baseball, 2.2 Other sports, , 3 Other, 4 See also, Politics and law: Bill White (Texas politician) (born 1954), former mayor of Houston, Texas, and candidate for the Texas gubernatorial election, 2010, Bill White (Canadian politician) (1915-1981), composer and social activist, first Black Canadian to run for political office, Bill White (lawyer) (born 1945), American lawyer who served as Public Defender for Florida's Fourth Judicial Circuit, 2004-2008, Sports: Baseball: Bill White (first baseman) (born 1934), American baseball player, sportscaster and executive, Bill White (pitcher) (born 1978), American baseball pitcher, Bill White (shortstop) (1860-1924), Major League Baseball shortstop with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Bill Wight (1922-2007), American baseball pitcher, Other sports: Bill White (basketball coach) (1936-1999), American college basketball coach, Bill White (footballer, born 1877), Scottish association football player, Bill White (footballer, born 1907), Scottish association football player, Bill White (ice hockey) (born 1939), retired Canadian ice hockey player and coach, Bill White (wrestler) (born 1945), retired American wrestler, Bill White (Australian footballer) (born 1916), Australian rules footballer with Richmond, Bill White (rugby union born 1910), Australian rugby union player, Bill White (rugby union born 1913), Australian rugby union player, Other: Bill White (comics) (1961-2012), comic book creator and animator, Bill White (neo-Nazi) (born 1977), American neo-Nazi activist, Bill White (administrator), President of the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum and Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, Bill White (bassist) (died 1995), member of alternative rock band For Squirrels

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