Love Playing & Writing music. I'm blessed to be playing with guys that I not only get along with on stage but enjoy spending time with off stage. Danny Purser on Guitar, Gavin Doss on the Bass and Ryan Roring on the drums. Bill has worked with many unique and interesting people in this business, including George Foreman (Yes he was a legendary boxer before he had the grills), Deion Sanders, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. Bill has also been on VH1 reality show "Legend Hunters" that aired in September of 2010. Besides Bill's business path, he has been playing and recording music for the past 20 years. He has recently had an opportunity to cut his Nashville Debut Album "Outrun the Rain. The Release will be available April 15 of 2012. This will be available through itunes, Amazon, Spotify, CDBaby and many others.... Currently Bill wants to bring the joys of Fishing, Hunting and his Music to the people.