William McCoy may refer to: W. F. McCoy (1886-1976), Speaker of the Northern Ireland House of Commons, William McCoy (bootlegger) (1877-1948), American rum-runner during Prohibition, William McCoy (congressman) (died 1864), American politician and member of Congress, William McCoy (mutineer) (c. 1763-1798), Scottish mutineer on HMS Bounty, William McCoy (Oregon politician) (1921-1996), American politician and member of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, William F. McCoy (1840-1914), former lawyer and politician in Nova Scotia, Canada, William J. McCoy (composer) (1848-1926), American composer, William J. McCoy (Mississippi politician) (born 1942), American politician and Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives, William John McCoy (1834-1897), American politician and member of the Wisconsin State Assembly

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