William Morris (1834-1896) was a British writer, designer and socialist. William, Bill or Billy Morris may also refer to: William Placid Morris (1794-1872), British/Australian bishop, Bill Morris (bishop) (born 1943), Bishop Emeritus of Toowoomba, Australia, William Morris (glass artist) (born 1957), American glass artist, William Morris, litblogger at A Motley Vision, William Morris, 1st Viscount Nuffield (1877-1963), British motor manufacturer, William Hopkins Morris, American Civil War general, see Gettysburg Union order of battle, William Morris, known as Haldreyn (born 1937), Cornish poet, William E. Morris (Long Island Rail Road), LIRR president from 1853 to 1862, Captain William Morris, a fictional character in the Richard Sharpe novels, William Morris, founder of the William Morris Agency, an American talent and literary agency, Billy Morris (guitarist), William Morris (minister) (born 1925), Church of Scotland minister and author, William Morris (British Army officer) (1820-1858), British soldier who rode in the Charge of the Light Brigade, William Morris (actor) (1861-1936), stage and screen actor, father of film star Chester Morris, Politicians and activists: William E. Morris (politician) (born 1920), founder of the Libertarian Party of Delaware in 1975, William N. Morris, American politician, William R. Morris (1853-1936), second Public Service Commissioner of New Zealand, William S. Morris (1919-1975), Lieutenant Governor of Missouri, 1969-1973, Bill Morris, Baron Morris of Handsworth (born 1938), Jamaican-born British trade union leader, William Dowler Morris (1857-1931), mayor of Ottawa, William Harrington Morris, mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, William Morris (Next Century Foundation) (born 1950), Chairman of the International Council for Press and Broadcasting, William Morris (Canadian businessman) (1786-1858), businessman and political figure in Upper Canada, William Morris (Mayor), mayor of Galway, 1527-28, Sportsmen: William Morris (sport shooter) (born 1939), British Olympic sport shooter, Col. William George Morris (1847-1935), goalkeeper in 1878 FA Cup Final with the Royal Engineers, William Morris (cricketer) (1873-1945), English cricketer, Bill Morris (cricketer) (born 1917), English cricketer, Bill Morris (Australian rules footballer) (1922-1960), Australian rules footballer, Bill Morris (rugby union) (1869-1946), Wales international rugby player, William J B Morris (rugby) (born 1940), Wales international rugby union player, Billy Morris (soccer), United States international football (soccer) player, Billy Morris (footballer) (1918-2002), Welsh international football player, Bill Morris (footballer) (1913-1995), England international football player, Speedy Morris (William Morris, born 1942), college basketball coach, Hal Morris (William Harold Morris III, born 1965), former first baseman in Major League Baseball, Places: William C. Morris, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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