William Murphy may refer to: Contents 1 Politics, 2 Sport, 3 Religion, 4 Others, 5 See also, Politics: William Murphy (Irish politician) (1892-1967), Irish Fine Gael TD, William Murphy (Wisconsin legislator), Irish-born merchant and member of the Wisconsin State Assembly, William J. Murphy (Labour politician) (born 1928), Irish Labour Party politician, William J. Murphy (1912-1993), U.S. Democratic politician from Idaho, William J. Murphy (Rhode Island politician) (born 1963), U.S. Democratic politician from Rhode Island, William John Murphy 1839-1923, "Founder of Glendale, Arizona", William Samuel Murphy (1882-1961), Canadian politician, William T. Murphy (1899-1978), American member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Illinois, Sport: William Murphy (boxer) (born 1904), Irish Olympic boxer, William Murphy (footballer) (born 1974), Linfield footballer, William Murphy (rugby union), rugby union player who represented Australia, William Murphy (tennis) (1917-2005), American championship tennis player and coach, Yale Murphy (William Henry Murphy, 1869-1906), former Fordham University football coach, Bill Murphy (baseball) (born 1981), American baseball player, Bill Murphy (footballer) (1921-2004), English footballer, Billy Murphy (footballer) (1895-1962), English footballer, Billy Murphy (outfielder) (born 1944), former Major League Baseball outfielder, Billy J. Murphy (1921-2008), head football coach at the University of Memphis, Torpedo Billy Murphy (1863-1939), featherweight boxer from New Zealand, Religion: William Murphy (Bishop of Kerry) (born 1936), Irish Roman Catholic bishop, William Murphy (Bishop of Rockville Centre) (born 1940), American Roman Catholic bishop, William Murphy (Bishop of Saginaw) (1885-1950), American Roman Catholic bishop, Others: William Murphy (actor) (1921-1989), American actor, William Beverly Murphy (1907-1994), American food industry executive, William Lawrence Murphy (1876-1959), inventor of the Murphy bed, William Lindsay Murphy (1888-1965), British Governor of the Bahamas, 1945-1950, William Martin Murphy (1844-1919), Irish industrialist and newspaper proprietor, involved in the Dublin Lockout, William P. Murphy (1898-1986), American attorney and former member of the Minnesota Supreme Court, 1955-1972, William P. Murphy (1892-1987), American physician and Nobel laureate, William P. Murphy Jr. (born 1923), his son, American scientist and inventor in the field of medical instrumentation, Bill Murphy (GATA chairman), chairman and director of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, William B. Murphy (1908-1970), American film editor, William "Billy" Murphy, Jr., Maryland judge, defense attorney and civil rights activist

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