William Thomas, Will Thomas, Willie Thomas, Bill Thomas, Billie Thomas, or Billy Thomas may refer to: Contents 1 Arts, 2 Politics 2.1 US politicians, 2.2 UK politicians, 2.3 Other politicians, , 3 Science, 4 Soldiers, 5 Sports, 6 Others, 7 See also, Arts: Billie Thomas (1931-1980), American actor, Bill Thomas (actor) (born 1952), English actor, Bill Thomas (author) (1934-2009), American author and photojournalist, William C. Thomas (1903-1984), American movie producer, William Thomas (actor), Welsh actor, William Thomas (Gwilym Marles) (1834-1879), Welsh poet, William Thomas (Islwyn) (1832-1878), Welsh poet, William Thomas, Jr., American actor, Will Thomas (born 1958), American novelist, Politics: US politicians: Bill Thomas (born 1941), U.S. Representative from California, Bill Thomas (Alaska politician) (born 1947), member of the Alaska House of Representatives, Bill Thomas (Montana politician) (born 1935), Democratic Party member of the Montana House of Representatives, Bill Thomas (writer) (born 1943), American writer, William D. Thomas (1880-1936), American politician, William Henry Thomas (1920-2009), American politician, William L. Thomas, American judge, nominated to a federal judgeship, William Kernahan Thomas (1911-2001), American judge, William Reuben Thomas (1866-1943), American civic leader, W. C. E. Thomas, William C. E. Thomas (1818-1876), American civic leader, William W. Thomas, Jr. (1839-1927), American politician, UK politicians: William Thomas (died 1554), MP for Old Sarum and Downton, William Thomas (MP died 1586), MP for Caernarvonshire (UK Parliament constituency), Sir William Thomas, 1st Baronet (1641-1706), English politician, William Stanley Russell Thomas (1896-1957), British politician, William Thomas (MP) (died 1653), Welsh politician, William Thomas (MP for Ludgershall) (1630-1686), English lawyer and politician, William Thomas (scholar) (died 1554), English scholar, Other politicians: William Thomas (Newfoundland politician) (1785-1863), Newfoundland politician, William Thomas (Australian settler) (1793-1867), Australian colonist, Science: W. I. Thomas (1863-1947), American sociologist, William H. Thomas (physician) (born 1959), American physician, Soldiers: William Holland Thomas (1805-1893), Cherokee chief and American Civil War officer, William H. Thomas (Medal of Honor) (1923-1945), American soldier, Sports: Bill Thomas (died 2009), American racecar designer and performance tuner best known for the Bill Thomas Cheetah, Bill Thomas (American football) (born 1949), American football player, Bill Thomas (baseball) (1877-1950), American baseball player, Bill Thomas (ice hockey) (born 1983), American ice hockey player, Bill Thomas (New Zealand footballer), New Zealand footballer, Bill Thomas (Australian footballer) (1886-?), Australian rules footballer, Billy Thomas (Australian footballer) (1902-1968), Australian rules footballer, Billy Thomas (basketball) (born 1975), American basketball player, Billy Thomas (footballer) (1903-1992), Welsh footballer, William A. Thomas (born 1948), American football player and coach, William "Digger" Thomas (1890-1953), Australian rules footballer, William Lewis Thomas (1913-1995), English rugby footballer, William Llewellyn Thomas (1872-1943), Welsh rugby union footballer, William Thomas (English cricketer) (born 1960), English cricketer, William Thomas (English footballer) (1885-?), English soccer player, William Thomas (linebacker) (born 1968), American football player, William Thomas (rugby league born circa-1885), Welsh rugby league footballer, William Thomas (rugby league born circa-1905), Welsh rugby league footballer, Willie Thomas (1866-1921), Welsh rugby union footballer, Will Thomas (basketball) (born 1986), American basketball player, Others: William ap Thomas (died 1445), Welsh soldier and sheriff, William Bevil Thomas (1757-1825), Newfoundland merchant and land developer, William Davies Thomas (1889-1954), Welsh academic, William Griffith Thomas (1861-1924), English clergyman, William Luson Thomas (1830-1900), English wood engraver and newspaper founder, William Fitz Thomas (fl. 1400s), Irish judge, "William Thomas", an alias of Wilhelm Thomas, who gained notoriety in the Adolph Beck case, William Thomas (architect) (1799-1860), Anglo-Canadian architect, William Thomas (bishop) (1613-1689), bishop of Worcester, William Thomas (Chancellor of Llandaff Cathedral) (1734-1799), Welsh priest and scholar, William Tutin Thomas (1829-1892), his son, also an architect, William Thomas (Archdeacon of Northumberland) (born 1927), English priest, William Thomas (activist) (1947-2009), American anti-nuclear activist

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