This article is about the song by Nine Black Alps. For the song by Placebo, see The Bitter End (song). For other uses, see Bitter end (disambiguation). Bitter End was the second single released off 'Love/Hate' on 8 October 2007 by Manchester band Nine Black Alps. Song: The song shows a very different side to Nine Black Alps. The song is driven by an acoustic guitar rather than the loud, distorted guitars that were so frequently used on their debut Everything Is. Video: The video was shot in Wimbledon and shows the band playing the song. There are also clips of teenagers who appear to live in the woods doing different activities throughout the video. The video was also a nominee for Best telecine in a video in the UK Music Video Awards which took place in London's West End Odeon. Track listing: CD Format Bitter End, Overdramatic, 7" Vinyl Part 1 A Side - Bitter End B Side - Daytime Habit 7" Vinyl Part 2 A Side - Bitter End B Side - Destination Nowhere

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