Blue Stone is an American electronic-pop musical project formed by producer/programmer Robert Smith and producer/multi-instrumentalist Bill Walters, and featuring various female guest vocalists. The group has released three studio albums and one remix album, all on Neurodisc Records, since 2006. Musical Style and Influences: Blue Stone's style and genre have been described as "Ethereal Pop," "Ambient Pop," "Dream Pop," and "New Age" by critics. Their music integrates layered hardware and software synthesizers with live piano, vocals, and percussion. Robert Smith and Bill Walters are the group's core members, who write the majority and produce all of Blue Stone's output. They collaborate with various female guest vocalists, some of whom are credited as co-writers of songs. Prior to forming Blue Stone, Smith released music in the New Age genre as Bella Sonus. He and Walters have experience performing together as bandmates in Rock and Blues projects in prior decades. The two have cited a variety of musical artists, including Pink Floyd, Jan Hammer, William Orbit, Delerium, BT, and Afro Celt Sound System, as having been influential in developing their sound. History: Blue Stone's first studio album, Breathe, was released in 2006 and received mixed reviews. Breathe features one guest vocalist, Darcy, on numerous songs, which are a combination of free-form composition and traditional verse/chorus songwriting. The album performed well on the iTunes Store's Electronic Album Chart Top 100.Worlds Apart was released in 2007 to uniformly positive reviews, and included three guest vocalists (Rivers, Sandlin, and Hurley), each performing on multiple songs. This album represented a shift toward a majority of conventionally written (verse/chorus-type) songs that continued in the 2009 release Messages, which was also well received by critics. Breathe: "Confession", "Breathe", "Break of Dawn", "Falling", "The River", "I Am", "Forgiven", "Only One", "Holy Ground", "Searching", "Contact", "Dusk", "Traveler", "Lost", "New Beginning", Worlds Apart: "Set Adrift", "Waters Flow", "Lost Sun", "Dreamcatcher", "Voleti", "Worlds Apart (Searching for You)", "Envy", "Take Flight", "Far Away", "Labyrinth of Dreams", "Tears", "Event Horizon", "Remember This", "On the Wind", "Circles", "Flood", Worlds Apart Remixed: Dreamcatcher (Leaving the Ledge Mix) (06:39), Worlds Apart (Dark Mix) (07:30), Event Horizon (Smoldering Mix) (06:15), Waters Flow (Heavy Mix) (05:34), Adrift (Civilized Mix) (06:47), Worlds Apart (Burning Mix) (04:46), Faraway (Runaway Mix) (05:14), Tears (Wish for Light Mix) (07:07), Worlds Apart (Hear the Memory Mix) (06:37), Circles (Round and Round Mix) (05:59), Tears Are Falling (New Track) (05:48), Event Horizon (Live Acoustic) (04:52), Messages: "Midnight Tides", "Open Your Eyes", "Deja Vu", "Hang On", "Wait for the Sun", "Open Sky", "Lotus Bloom", "Come Alive", "Moving Forward", "Ancient Echoes", "Set Me In The Sun", "Bridges", "The Silence", "Hypnotized", "Messages", Pandora's Box: Innocence (04:57), Mischief (05:44), Seduction (05:43), Epimetheus (05:47), Curiosity (05:10), Darkened Rooms (06:17), Who Are You (05:23), The Journey (04:45), Stolen Light (04:48), Shattered (04:38), Hope (03:23), Phoenix: Dream (feat. Sara Bloomfield) (4:01), Uncover Me (feat. Samantha Duncan) (5:19), Caged (feat. Cody Gesumaria) (5:10), Fairy Star (feat. Sara Bloomfield) (5:48), Speed (feat. Samantha Duncan) (4:15)

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