Robert Jones or Rob Jones or Bob Jones or Bobby Jones may refer to: Contents 1 Politics, 2 Judiciary, 3 Academe, 4 Theology, 5 Sports 5.1 Football, 5.2 Rugby, 5.3 Baseball, 5.4 Basketball, 5.5 Other sports, , 6 Entertainment, 7 Music, 8 Writers 8.1 Other entertainment, , 9 Military, 10 Engineers, 11 Other people, 12 Other uses, 13 See also, Politics: Robert Jones (British politician) (1950-2007), British Conservative politician, MP 1983-1997, Robert Jones (of Castell-March) MP for Carnarvon in 1625 and Flintshire in 1628, Robert Jones (died 1715) (1682-1715), British MP for Glamorganshire, 1712-1715, Robert Jones (died 1774), British MP for Huntingdon, 1754-1774, Robert Jones (Michigan politician) (1944-2010), former Kalamazoo mayor and member of the Michigan House of Representatives, Robert Jones (Lower Canada politician) (c. 1770-1844), land agent and politician in Lower Canada, Robert Jones (Quebec politician) (c. 1793-1874), politician in Canada East, Robert E. Jones (Illinois) (born c. 1938), former mayor of Danville, Illinois, United States, Robert E. Jones, Jr. (1912-1997), U.S. House of Representative from Alabama, Robert G. Jones (born 1939), Louisiana state senator, Robert Franklin Jones (1907-1968), Ohio representative to U.S. Congress, 1939-1947, Commissioner of U.S. Federal Communications Commission, 1947-1952, Robert McDonald Jones (1808-1872), Confederate politician, Robert Taylor Jones (1884-1958), governor of Arizona, Robert Thomas Jones (1874-1940), British Member of Parliament for Caernarvonshire, 1922-1923, Bob Jones (businessman) (born 1939), New Zealand property investor and former politician, Bob Jones (police commissioner), in the West Midlands of England, Judiciary: Robert Clive Jones (born 1947), U. S. Federal judge, Robert E. Jones (judge) (born 1927), Oregon Supreme Court and federal district judge, United States, Robert Noble Jones (1864-1942), New Zealand lawyer, public servant and land court judge, Academe: Bobby Jones (academic) (1942-2001), American academic, Robert Jones (surgeon) (1857-1933), British orthopaedic surgeon, Robert Clark Jones (1916-2004), American physicist, Theology: Bob Jones, Sr. (1883-1968), Christian evangelist who founded Bob Jones University Bob Jones, Jr. (1911-1997), Bob Jones, Sr.'s son, and second president of the university, Bob Jones III (born 1939), Bob Jones, Sr.'s grandson, and third president of the university, , Bobi Jones (Robert Maynard Jones, born 1929), Welsh Christian academic, Robert Elijah Jones (1872-1960), United States clergyman, Bishop of the Methodist Episcopalian Church, Sports: Football: Robert Albert Jones (1864-1925), Druids F.C. and Wales international footballer, Robert Jones (footballer born 1868) (1868-1939), Everton, Ardwick and Wales international footballer, Robert H. Jones (1902-1989), football goalkeeper who played for Bolton Wanderers and Cardiff City in the 1920s and 1930s, Robert Reuben Jones (born 1902), football outside right who played for Huddersfield Town in the 1920s, Bobby Jones (goalkeeper) (1934-1999), footballer with Southport, Chester and Blackburn, Bobby Jones (footballer) (born 1938), former Bristol Rovers, Northampton Town & Swindon Town player, Rob Jones (footballer born 1971), footballer, played for Liverpool and England in the 1990s, Rob Jones (footballer born 1979), English footballer currently playing for Doncaster Rovers; previous clubs included Sheffield Wednesday, Grimsby and Hibernian, Rugby: Robert Jones (rugby) (born 1921), rugby union and rugby league footballer for Wales XV (RU), Glamorgan, Aberavon, Wales (RL), Swinton, and St. Helens, Robert Jones (rugby union) (born 1965), Wales and British Lions rugby union player, Bob Jones (rugby union) (1877-?), Welsh rugby union forward, Baseball: Bobby Jones (right-handed pitcher) (born 1970), right-handed baseball pitcher, Bobby Jones (left-handed pitcher) (born 1972), left-handed baseball pitcher, Bobby Jones (outfielder) (born 1949), outfielder and manager/coach, Bob Jones (third baseman) (1889-1964), Major League Baseball player, Basketball: Bobby Jones (basketball, born 1951), former professional basketball player, Bobby Jones (basketball, born 1984), American professional basketball player, Bobby Jones (basketball coach, born 1962), head men's basketball coach at Saint Francis University, Bobby Jones (basketball coach) (born 1940), head men's basketball coach at Kentucky Wesleyan College, 1972-1980, Other sports: Bob Jones (ice hockey) (born 1945), played in the NHL and WHA, Bobby Jones (American football) (1912-1999), football player for the Green Bay Packers, Bobby Jones (golfer) (1902-1971), American amateur golfer, Robert Jones (American football) (born 1969), former football player for the Dallas Cowboys, Robert Jones (ice hockey), goaltender for the Montreal Victorias, Robert Jones (cricketer) (born 1981), English cricketer, Robert Jones (jockey) (c. 1913-1938), aka Bobby Jones, American Champion jockey, Rob Jones (speedway), Australian speedway driver, 1976 Individual Speedway World Championship, Entertainment: This section is empty. You can help by adding to it. (October 2013) Music: Robert Jones (composer) (c. 1577-1617), English lutenist and composer, Bobby Jones (saxophonist) (1928-1980), American jazz saxophonist, Bobby Jones (singer) (born 1939), gospel singer, Rob "The Bass Thing" Jones (1964-1993), bass guitarist in the British band The Wonder Stuff, Writers: Robert Jones (writer) (1810-1879), Welsh Anglican priest and writer, Robert C. Jones (born 1937), American screenwriter and film editor, Robert Dorigo Jones (born 1963), American author, Robert F. Jones (1934-2002), novelist and outdoors writer, Robert L. Jones, poet, R.S. Jones (Robert S. Jones, 1954-2001), American novelist and editor, Other entertainment: Robert Earl Jones (1910-2006), United States actor, and father of James Earl Jones, Robert Edmond Jones (1887-1954), United States theatrical scenic designer, Robert "Fish" Jones (died 1930), U.S. showman, Bob Devin Jones (born 1954), American playwright, director, and actor, Rob Jones (radio DJ), radio presenter, Military: Robert Jephson Jones (1905-1985), British bomb disposal expert awarded the George Cross, Robert Jones (VC) (1857-1898), Welsh recipient of the Victoria Cross, Engineers: Robert T. Jones (1910-1999), NASA aeronautical engineer, Bob Jones (sound engineer), British sound engineer, Other people: Robert Trent Jones (1906-2000), United States golf course architect, Robert Trent Jones, Jr. (born 1939), golf course architect, Robert Hope-Jones (1859-1914), English inventor of the theatre organ, Bob Jones (Texas businessman), former Texas businessman, Other uses: Bob Jones Award, an award given by the United States Golf Association, Bob Jones High School, Madison, the largest public high school in the state of Alabama, Bob Jones University, founded by Bob Jones, Sr, Bob Jones University v. United States, a United States Supreme Court decision

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