Robert or Bob Morris may refer to: Contents 1 Politics, 2 Authors, artists, and entertainers, 3 Academics and technologists, 4 Pastors and lawyers, 5 Sports, 6 Universities, 7 See also, Politics: Robert Hunter Morris (1700-1764), Lieutenant Governor of Colonial Pennsylvania from 1754 to 1756, Robert Morris (financier) (1734-1806), financier of the American Revolution and signatory to United States founding documents Robert Morris (Bartlett), a 1923 statue of the financier by Paul Wayland Bartlett, , Robert Morris (MP), (died 1816), English politician, Robert Morris (judge) (1745-1815), American federal judge, Robert H. Morris (mayor) (1808-1855), Mayor of New York City, Robert P. Morris (1853-1924), U.S. Representative from Minnesota, Robert J. Morris (1914-1996), anti-Communist crusader, lawyer and politician, Authors, artists, and entertainers: Robert Morris (writer) (1703-1754), English writer on architecture, Robert Tuttle Morris (1857-1945), U.S. surgeon and writer, Robert Schofield Morris (1898-1964), Canadian architect, Robert Morris (artist) (born 1931), American contemporary artist, Robert Morris (actor) (born 1940), British actor, Robert Morris (composer) (born 1943), British-American composer, Robert Morris (author) (born 1950), American author, Colonel Robert Morris (1954-2013), American musician, Bob Morris (musician) (born 1985), songwriter, singer, and guitarist of Stamps, Robert Lee Morris, German-born jewelry designer, Robert Michael Morris, American actor, Academics and technologists: Robert L. Morris (1942-2004), first holder of the Koestler Chair of Parapsychology at the University of Edinburgh, Robert Morris (cryptographer) (1932-2011), American cryptographer and former chief scientist of the National Security Agency, Robert Tappan Morris (born 1965), son of the crytographer, creator of the first Internet worm, Pastors and lawyers: Robert Morris (born 1961), pastor who founded Gateway Church in Texas, Robert Morris (lawyer) (1823-1882), early African-American attorney, Sports: Bob Morris (racing driver) (born 1948), touring car racer, winner of 1976 Bathurst 1000, Rob Morris (American football) (born 1975), retired American football linebacker, Universities: Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, named after financier Robert Morris Robert Morris Colonials, Robert Morris Colonials men's basketball, , Robert Morris University (Illinois), Chicago, Illinois, named after financier Robert Morris

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