Robert Williams, Rob Williams or Bob Williams may refer to: Contents 1 United Kingdom, 2 United States, 3 Australia, 4 Others, 5 See also, United Kingdom: Sir Robert Williams, 2nd Baronet (c. 1627-1678), Member of Parliament for Carnarvonshire, 1656-1658, and for Carnarvon Boroughs, 1659, Robert Williams (d. 1763) (c. 1695-1763), Member of Parliament for Montgomeryshire, 1740-1741 and 1742-1747, Sir Robert Williams, 9th Baronet of Penryn (1764-1830), Member of Parliament for Carnarvonshire, 1790-1826, and for Beaumaris, 1826-1831, Robert Williams (1735-1814), Member of Parliament for Dorchester 1807-1812, Robert Williams (1767-1847), Member of Parliament for Wootton Basset, 1802-1807, Grampound, 1808, Kilkenny, 1809-1812, and Dorchester, 1812-1835, Robert Williams (1811-1890), Member of Parliament for Dorchester, 1835-1841, Sir Robert Williams, 1st Baronet, of Bridehead (1848-1943), Conservative Member of Parliament for West Dorset, 1895-1922, son of the above, Sir Robert Williams, 1st Baronet, of Park (1860-1938), Scottish mining engineer, explorer of Africa, and railway developer in Angola Robert Williams town, former town name in Angola, named after Sir Robert Williams, 1st Baronet, of Park, , Robert Williams (Archdeacon of Carmarthen) (1863-1938), professor of history and archdeacon, Robert Williams (trade union leader) (1881-?), British trade union organiser, Robert Williams (cricketer) (born 1970), former English cricketer, Robert Williams (Trebor Mai) (1830-1877), Welsh language poet, Bertie Williams (1907-1968), Bristol City, Sheffield United and Wales international footballer, Robert Williams (chemist) (born 1926), Emeritus Professor of Oxford University, Robbie Williams (born 1974), British pop singer, Robbie Williams (footballer born 1979), footballer who plays for Southport, Robbie Williams (footballer born 1984), footballer who plays for Plymouth Argyle, Rob Williams (comics), British comic writer, Rob Williams (entrepreneur) (1979-2009), sports enthusiast and partner of business Dolphin Music, Rob Williams (rower) (born 1985), British rower, Bobby Williams (footballer born 1932), footballer for Chester City, Bobby Williams (footballer born 1940), English footballer, United States: Robert A. Williams, Jr., Native author and legal scholar, Robert F. Williams (1925-1996), American civil rights activist, Robert G. Williams, Economist, pioneer of Income Shares child support model, founder of Policy Studies, Inc., Robert L. Williams (1868-1948), American politician, governor of Oklahoma, Robert Moore Williams (1907-1977), American writer, Robert P. Williams, State Treasurer of Missouri, 1901-1905, Robert R. Williams (1886-1965), American chemist who first synthesized vitamin B1, Robert S. Williams (born 1949), principal bassoon of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Robert W. Williams (1951-1983), American murderer, first person to be executed in Louisiana since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, Robert W. "Bo" Williams (born 1938), former mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, Robert Williams (actor) (1894-1931), American stage and film actor, Robert Williams (actor) (1904-1978), acted in A Bird in the Head, Beer Barrel Polecats, Fernwood 2 Night, amongst others, Robert Williams (governor) (1766-1836), Governor of the Mississippi Territory, Robert Williams (American politician) (1773-1821), U.S. Representative from North Carolina, Robert Williams (archer) (1841-1914), American archer, Robert Williams (artist) (born 1943), underground cartoonist and painter, Robert Williams (baseball) (1917-2000), American baseball pitcher and infielder in the Negro Leagues, Robert Williams (geometer) (born 1942), American designer, mathematician, and architect, Robert Williams (cornerback) (born 1962), former American football cornerback, Robert Williams (drummer) (1955-2010), Captain Beefhearts Magic Band, Hugh Cornwell & solo artist, Robert Williams (general) (1829-1901), Adjutant General of the U.S. Army from 1892 to 1893, Robert Williams (gay priest) (1955-1992), first openly gay male priest in the Episcopal Church, Robert Williams (psychologist) (born 1930), second President of the Association of Black Psychologists, Robert Williams (quarterback), football player for Notre Dame, 1956-1958, Robert E. Williams (criminal) (died 1997), convicted and executed murderer in Nebraska; see Capital punishment in Nebraska, Robert Williams (United States Marine Corps), U.S. Marine Corps officer, recipient of the Navy Cross, Robert B. Williams (1901-1977), World War II general in the United States Army Air Forces, Robert Dewi Williams (1870-1955), Welsh schoolteacher, Presbyterian minister and author, Robert H. Williams, environmental scientist at the Princeton Environmental Institute, Robert Pete Williams (1914-1980), American Louisiana blues musician, Rob Williams (basketball) (born 1961), American retired basketball player, Rob Williams, radio personality, Bob Williams (badminton), badminton player in the Thomas Cup 1949 and 1952, Bob Williams (baseball) (1884-1962), baseball player for the New York Highlanders/Yankees, Bob Williams (basketball) (born 1953), basketball coach at UC Santa Barbara, Bob Williams (quarterback) (born 1930), football player for Notre Dame, 1947-1950, Bob Williams (coach), college American football coach active in the 1900s and 1910s, Bob Williams (racing driver), former NASCAR Cup Series driver, Bob Williams (American football coach), head football coach at the Livingston State Teachers College, now the University of West Alabama, 1952, Bobby Williams (born 1958), tight end, coach, Australia: Bob Williams (rugby) (died 1969), Australian rugby league footballer, Bob Williams (Australian rules footballer) (born 1913), Australian rules footballer with Hawthorn, Others: Robert Williams (South African cricketer) (1912-1984), South African cricketer, Robert Williams, character in Another Earth, Robert Arthur Williams (born 1933), consultant and political figure in British Columbia, Robert Williams, greek singer born in greece to british parents, represented greece in the 1977 eurovision as a member of Pascalis, Marianna, Robert and Bessy.

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