Robert Clark, Bob Clark, Bobby Clark or similar may refer to: Contents 1 Television and film, 2 Literature, 3 Sports, 4 Politics, 5 Science, 6 Education, 7 Other persons, 8 See also, Television and film: Robert Clark (actor) (born 1987), American-born Canadian television actor, Bob Clark (1939-2007), Canadian filmmaker, Bob Clark (television reporter), retired American television reporter for the ABC network, Bobby Clark (actor) (born 1944), American film and TV actor and stuntman, Bobby Clark (comedian) (1888-1960), vaudevillian, performed on stage, films, television, & the circus, Literature: Robert Clark (author), American novelist, Robert Clark (poet), Australian poet, Robert Clark (academic), co-founded The Literary Encyclopedia, Sports: Robert Clark (American football) (born 1965), American football player, Robert Clark (footballer) (born 1962), Scottish association football player, Robert Clark (footballer born 1903) (born 1902), English footballer for Liverpool F.C., Bob Clark (athlete) (1913-1976), Olympic silver medalist in decathlon, 1936, Bob Clark (catcher) (1863-1919), American baseball player, Bob Clark (pitcher) (1897-1944), baseball pitcher, Bobby Clark (footballer) (born 1945), Scottish footballer, Bobby Clark (outfielder) (born 1955), baseball outfielder, Politics: Robert Clark (Australian politician) (born 1957), member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, Robert Clark (mayor), mayor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1890-1894, Robert Clark (US politician) (1777-1837), member of Congress from New York, Robert Curtis Clark (born 1937), Canadian provincial level politician, Robert G. Clark, Jr. (born 1928), American politician from Mississippi, Bob Clark (Ohio politician), member of the Ohio House of Representatives, 1983-1992, Science: Robert Clark (physicist), Australian academic; involved in development of Kane quantum computer; Australian Chief Defence Scientist, Robert Clark (zoologist) (1882-1950), biologist and crew member of Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917, Education: Robert C. Clark (born 1944), former Dean of Harvard Law School, Robert D. Clark (1910-2005), American university administrator, Other persons: Robert Clark (businessman) (1924-2013), British naval officer and businessman, Robert Clark (exonerated convict), exonerated with help of the Georgia Innocence Project after 24 years in prison, Robert Clark (missionary) (1825-1900), British Church Missionary Society missionary, Robert Clark (naval architect), British yacht designer, designed British Steel, Robert Clark (photojournalist), American photojournalist; see Mem Nahadr, Bobby Clark (tenor), original member of the Southern Gospel Cathedral Quartet, Robert G. Clark (born 1959), U.S. businessman, Robert J. "Bob" Clark (1926-2013), American illustrator, best known for his work with MAD magazine, Robert Peter Clark, a pseudonym of murderer John List, Robert Sterling Clark (1877-1956), American art collector, horse breeder and philanthropist, Robert T. Clark, retired U.S. Army general, commanded U.S. Fifth Army 2003-2006, Robert Indiana (born 1928), American artist born as Robert Clark

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