Robert Smith and Bob Smith, or similar, may refer to: Contents 1 Arts and entertainment 1.1 Actors, 1.2 Music, 1.3 Literature, 1.4 Media, , 2 Military, 3 Politics 3.1 United States, 3.2 United Kingdom, 3.3 Canada, 3.4 Other countries, , 4 Science & technology, 5 Sports 5.1 American/Canadian football, 5.2 Association football/soccer, 5.3 Australian rules football, 5.4 Baseball, 5.5 Cricket, 5.6 Other sports, , 6 Others, 7 See also, Arts and entertainment: Actors: Robert Cecil Smith (1912-2001), American actor, Robert Norman Smith, Canadian actor and voice actor, Robert O. Smith (1942-2010), voice actor, Music: Robert Smith (musician) (born 1959), lead singer/guitarist of The Cure, Bob Smith, founder, singer, keyboards and drums for Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys, Bobby Smith (rhythm and blues singer) (1936-2013), lead singer of the (Detroit) Spinners, Rob Smith (British musician), contemporary DJ, musician, and remixer, Rob Smith (Irish musician) (born 1982), singer/songwriter and former street busker based in Ireland, Robert Archibald Smith (1780-1829), Scottish composer, wrote arrangement for "A Red, Red Rose", Robert Bache Smith (1875-1951), American librettist and lyricist, Robert W. Smith (musician) (born 1958), composer, Robert Dean Smith (born 1956), American operatic tenor, Literature: Normal Bob Smith (born 1969), American graphic artist, writer, and atheist activist, Robert Kimmel Smith (born 1930), American children's author, Robert Paul Smith (1915-1977), American writer, Bob Smith (comics) (born 1951), American comic book inker, Robert Farrell Smith (born 1970), Latter-day Saint humorist, who may also be Obert Skye, Robert Ellis Smith (born 1940), American attorney and author, Robert Rowland Smith, lecturer and writer on philosophy, literature, and psychoanalysis, Media: Bob Smith (comedian), American comedian and author, Bob Smith (Wordsmith), host of the television show Wordsmith, Buffalo Bob Smith (1917-1998), host of TV show Howdy Doody, Robert Smith, Baron Smith of Kelvin (born 1944), governor of the BBC, Robert Smith (journalist) (born 1967), NPR reporter, Robert Emmet Smith (1914-1988), American art director, Robert Weston Smith (1938-1995), disc jockey, better known as Wolfman Jack, Rob Smith (journalist) BBC South East TV Presenter, Military: Robert E. Smith (c. 1918-c. 2004), American pilot in the RAF and USAF, Robert H. Smith (naval officer) (1898-1943), submariner in the United States Navy, Robert T. Smith (1918-1995), American World War II flying ace, Robert Burr Smith, American army officer, Politics: United States: Bob Smith (American politician) (born 1941), U.S. Senator from New Hampshire, Robert Smith (Cabinet member) (1757-1842), Secretary of State and the Navy, Robert Smith (Illinois politician) (1802-1867), U.S. Representative from Illinois, Robert B. Smith (Virginia), mayor of Newport News, Virginia, 1956-1958, Robert Burns Smith (1854-1908), Governor of Montana, Robert Freeman Smith (born 1931), U.S. Representative from Oregon, Bob Smith (New Jersey State Senator) (born 1947), Robert J. Smith II (born 1963), New Jersey state legislator, Robert S. Smith (born 1944), New York State Court of Appeals associate judge, Robert Hardy Smith (1813-1878), Alabama politician, Robert L. Smith (born 1931), Republican politician from Idaho, Robert J. Smith (politician), Cook County Board President, United Kingdom: Robert Smith (MP for Wycombe), Member of Parliament (MP) for Wycombe, Robert Smith (MP for Derby) in 1420 and 1421, MP for Derby, Robert Smith (MP for Devizes), English politician, Robert Smith (fl.1545), MP for Carlisle, Robert Smith, 1st Baron Carrington (1752-1838), British Member of Parliament, Robert Percy Smith (1770-1845), British lawyer and Member of Parliament, Robert Vernon, 1st Baron Lyveden (1800-1873), known as Robert Vernon Smith until 1859, British Liberal Party politician, Robert Workman Smith (1880-1957), Scottish Unionist politician, MP 1924-1945, Sir Robert Smith, 3rd Baronet (born 1958), Liberal Democrat politician from Scotland, MP 1997-, Canada: Robert Smith (British Columbia politician), Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Canadian province of British Columbia, 1871-1878, Robert Smith (Canadian politician) (1819-1900), Canadian Member of Parliament for Peel, Ontario, Robert Smith (judge) (1858-1942), Canadian Member of Parliament for Stormont, Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Robert Smith (Newfoundland politician) (1879-1972), Newfoundland politician and merchant, Robert Melville Smith, deputy minister of the Department of Highways of Ontario, 1934-1943, Robert Knowlton Smith (1887-1973), Canadian Member of Parliament, 1925-1935, Other countries: Robert Murray Smith (1831-1921), politician in colonial Victoria and Agent-General for Victoria (Australia), Robert Burdett Smith (1837-1895), solicitor and politician in colonial New South Wales, Robert William Smith (politician) (1871-1958), New Zealand politician, Bob Rowland Smith (1925-2012), National member of the New South Wales Legislative Council, Bob Smith (Australian politician) (born 1948), Labor member of the Victorian Legislative Council, Science & technology: Robert Smith (architect) (1722-1777), American architect, Bob Smith (Atari), video game programmer, Robert Smith (mathematician) (1689-1768), English mathematician and music theorist, Robert Angus Smith (1817-1884), Scottish chemist, discoverer of acid rain, Robert Earl Smith (1933-2012), American businessman, inventor of ski goggles, Robert Allan Smith (1909-1980), Scottish physicist, Sports: American/Canadian football: Robert Smith (running back) (born 1972), former American football running back for the Minnesota Vikings, Robert Smith (defensive end) (born 1962), former gridiron football defensive end, Rob Smith (American football) (born 1984), American football player, Bob Smith (defensive back, born 1925) (1925-2002), American football defensive back, Bob Smith (defensive back, born 1945), American football defensive back, Bob Smith (fullback) (1929-2005), American football fullback, Bob Smith (halfback) (born 1933), American football halfback, Bobby Smith (running back) (born 1942), American football running back, Bobby Smith (safety) (born 1938), American football defensive back, Bob Smith (American football coach) (born 1940), head football coach for the Southern Illinois Salukis, Rob Smith (Canadian football) (born 1958), Former Canadian football offensive lineman, Association football/soccer: Robert Smith (footballer, born 1848) (1848-1914), Scottish international footballer, Robert Smith (Darwen footballer), English footballer, Bobby Smith (footballer, born 1870) (1870-?), professional footballer, who played one game in the Football League for Stoke, Robert Smith (footballer, born 1912), English football player and manager of Ajax Amsterdam, Bob Smith (footballer) (born 1923), English professional footballer, Bobby Smith (footballer, born 1933) (1933-2010), English international footballer who played for Tottenham Hotspur, Bobby Smith (footballer, born 1944), English footballer and manager, Bobby Smith (soccer) (born 1951), American soccer player, Bobby Smith (footballer, born 1953) (1953-2010), football player for Hibernian and Leicester City, Rob Smith (soccer) (born 1973), American soccer player, Bobby Smith (Irish footballer), 1940s football player for Bohemians, Australian rules football: Bob Smith (Australian footballer, born 1877) (1877-1939), Australian rules footballer for Fitzroy, Bob Smith (Australian footballer, born 1906) (1906-1987), Australian rules footballer for North Melbourne, Rob Smith (Australian footballer) (1951-2013), Australian rules footballer for North Melbourne, Robert J. Smith (Australian rules footballer), Baseball: Bob Smith (infielder) (born 1974), infielder for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Bob Smith (pitcher, born 1890) (1890-1965), Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher for the White Sox, 1913-1915, Bob Smith (pitcher, born 1895) (1895-1987), MLB pitcher for the Braves, Cubs, and Reds, 1923-1937, Bob Smith (pitcher, born 1928) (1928-2003), MLB pitcher for the Red Sox, Cubs, and Indians, 1958-1959, Bob Smith (pitcher, born 1931) (1931-2013), MLB pitcher for the Red Sox, Cardinals, Pirates, and Tigers, 1955-1959, Bobby Smith (baseball) (born 1934), MLB outfielder, 1957-1965, Rob Smith (baseball), American college baseball coach, Robert Smith (baseball) (born 1936), former International Baseball Federation president; instrumental in baseball becoming an Olympic sport, Cricket: Robert Smith (cricketer) (1848-1899), English cricketer, Robert Smith (cricketer, born 1982) (born 1982), cricketer, Robert Smith (Nottingham cricketer) (fl. 1800s), English professional cricketer, Other sports: Bob Smith (golfer) see Northern Texas PGA Championship, Bob Smith (ice hockey) (born 1946), minor pro hockey player, Bob Smith (racing driver), former NASCAR Cup Series driver, Bob Smith (rower) (1909-1993), New Zealand rower, Bobby Smith (pole vaulter) (born 1929), American pole vaulter, Bobby Smith (basketball) (born 1937), American basketball player, Bobby Smith (ice hockey) (born 1958), all-star NHL hockey player, Bobby Smith (javelin thrower) (born 1982), American javelin thrower, Rob Smith (field hockey) (born 1961), retired Canadian field hockey Olympian, Robert Smith (basketball) (born 1955), American basketball player; NBA journeyman, Robert Smith (bowler) (born 1974), American professional bowler, Robert Smith (canoeist) (born 1929), Canadian sprint canoer who competed in the late 1950s, Robert W. Smith (chess player) (born 1956), New Zealand chess FIDE Master, Robert Smith (equestrian), British Olympic equestrian, Robert J. Smith (sailor) in 1973 Star World Championships, Others: Bob Smith (doctor) (1879-1950), founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Robert Smith (bishop) (1732-1801), American bishop, Robert Barr Smith (1824-1915), Australian businessman and philanthropist, Robert Smith (philanthropist) (1928-2009), American builder-developer, Robert Smith (colonial administrator) (1887-1959), British Governor of North Borneo, Robert Smith (professor) (1919-2009), expert on the history of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, Rob Smith, Jr. (born 1963), American editorial cartoonist and caricaturist, Robert Smith (priest) (1932-2010), American Catholic priest, author, and educator, Robert H. Smith (theologian) (1932-2006), Lutheran clergyman, theologian, author and lecturer, Robert Hall Smith (1888-1960), President of the Norfolk and Western Railway, 1946-1958, Robert L. Smith (recording engineer), Robert P. Smith, financial pioneer, philanthropist and author, Robert Payne Smith (1818-1895), Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford and Dean of Canterbury, Robert Pearsall Smith (1827-1899), lay leader in the Holiness movement and the Higher Life movement, Robert Cross Smith (1795-1832), English astrologer, Robert W. Smith (historian), scholar of history and the classics at the University of Alberta, Robert W. Smith (writer) (1926-2011), American martial artist and historian, Robert Smith (Assistant Colonial Surgeon) (1840-1885), Sierra Leonean medical doctor, Robert J. Smith (geographer), President of Association for Asian Studies

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