Robert Taylor, Rob Taylor, Bob Taylor or Bobby Taylor may refer to: Contents 1 Arts, 2 Architecture, 3 Music, 4 Politics, 5 Sports 5.1 American football, 5.2 Association football, 5.3 Australian football, 5.4 Cricket, 5.5 Ice hockey, 5.6 Running, 5.7 Other sports, , 6 Military, 7 Religion, 8 Other people, 9 Other, 10 See also, Arts: Robert Taylor (actor) (1911-1969), American actor, Robert Taylor (Australian actor), Australian actor, best known as Agent Jones in The Matrix, Robert Taylor (animator), directed The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, TaleSpin and Heidi's Song, Architecture: Sir Robert Taylor (architect) (1714-1788), English architect, Robert Robinson Taylor (1868-1942), first African-American architect in the United States, Robert J. Taylor, American architect, principal at Taylor & Burns Architects, Music: Bob Taylor (luthier), American maker of acoustic guitars, principal of Taylor Guitars, Robert N. Taylor, U.S. musician, artist, Germanic Neopagan, writer and political activist, Bobby Taylor, leader of the Canadian Motown soul band Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers, Politics: Robert Taylor (congressman) (1763-1845), U.S. Representative from Virginia, Robert Taylor (Labour politician) (1881-1954), British Member of Parliament for Morpeth, 1935-1954, Robert Taylor (Conservative politician) (1932-1981), Conservative MP for Croydon North West, South London, 1970-1981, Robert Taylor (Wisconsin), Wisconsin politician, Robert Love Taylor (1850-1912), U.S. politician from Tennessee, Robert Love Taylor (judge) (1899-1987), U.S. federal judge from Tennessee, R. Fenwick Taylor (1849-1926), Florida Chief Justice, Robert Paris Taylor, Member of Parliament for Berwick-upon-Tweed, 1768-1774, Robert Arthur Taylor, Member of Parliament for Lincoln, 1924-1931, Bob Taylor (Ontario politician), mayor of Brantford, 1988-1991, Rob Taylor (politician), member of the Iowa House of Representatives, Sports: American football: Rob Taylor (American football) (born 1960), American football player, Bobby Taylor (American football) (born 1973), American football player, Association football: Bob Taylor (footballer) (born 1967), English footballer, Rob Taylor (footballer) (born 1985), English footballer, Robert Taylor (footballer) (born 1971), English footballer, Australian football: Bob Taylor (Australian footballer) (born 1931), Australian rules footballer with Essendon, Rob Taylor (Australian footballer) (born 1945), Australian rules footballer for Footscray, Cricket: Bob Taylor (cricketer) (born 1941), English cricketer, Robert Taylor (cricketer) (1873-?), English cricketer, Robert Taylor (cricketer, born 1989), English cricketer, Ice hockey: Bob Taylor (ice hockey) (1904-1993), American professional ice hockey player, Bobby Taylor (ice hockey) (born 1945), Canadian ice hockey player and broadcaster, Running: Robert Taylor (sprinter born 1948) (1948-2007), American athlete, 1972 Summer Olympics gold medal winner in the 4x100 m relay, Robert Taylor (sprinter born 1953), American athlete, 1975 Pan American Games gold medal winner in the 4x400 m relay, Other sports: Bob Taylor (baseball) (born 1944), American baseball outfielder, Bobby Taylor (Canadian football) (born 1941), Canadian football player, Bob Taylor (darts player) (born 1960), Scottish darts player, Bob Taylor (rugby league), English rugby league footballer of the 1920s and '30s, Bob Taylor (rugby union) (born 1942), English rugby union international, Military: Bob Taylor (GC) (c. 1921-1950), British recipient of the George Cross, Robert Taylor (British Army officer) (1760-1839), British general, Robert P. Taylor (1909-1997), American military officer and chaplain, Religion: Robert Taylor (Radical) (1784-1844), English clergyman turned freethinker, Robert V. Taylor (born c. 1958), first openly gay Episcopal dean in the United States, Robert P. Taylor (1909-1997), American military officer and chaplain, Robert Selby Taylor (1909-1995), Anglican bishop, Robert Taylor (Archdeacon of Lewes) (fl. 1558-1559), Robert Taylor (Provost of Cumbrae) (1873-1944), Other people: Robert Taylor (computer scientist) (born 1932), American computer scientist, Sir Robert Taylor (engineer) (1855-1921), British mining engineer in India, Detective Bob Taylor, the "Chief" investigator and semi-host of British TV series The Murder Game, Robert Taylor (Australian businessman) (1792-1850), Englishman transported to New South Wales and early Australian businessman, Robert A. Taylor, founder of the Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, a facility featured in the Animal Planet series Emergency Vets and E-Vet Interns, Robert E. L. Taylor (1913-2009), publisher of the Philadelphia Bulletin, Robert Lewis Taylor (1912-1998), American writer, 1959 Pulitzer Prize winner for the novel The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters, Robert Saxton Taylor (1918-2009), influential librarian, Robert L. Taylor (aviator) (born 1924), founder and president of the Antique Airplane Association Inc., Robert R. Taylor (Canadian photographer) (1940-2013), Canadian wildlife photographer, Robert R. Taylor (1935-2013), entrepreneur and inventor of Softsoap, Other: Robert Taylor Homes, a housing project in the South Side of Chicago, Robert Taylor incident, a 1979 UFO sighting and potential alien abduction in West Lothian, Scotland

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