Bourbon Crow is the outlaw country project formed by horror aficionado Wednesday 13 and former Wednesday 13 bass player Rayen Belchere. They have released two full length album Highway to Hangovers and Long Way to the Bottom. In 2007, an exclusive Texas tour in support of the debut album had to be cancelled after Wednesday 13 was involved in a car accident returning from rehearsals, leaving him with a broken collar bone and a fractured ankle. In May 2009, the band toured the United States in support of their second release, featuring Wednesday and Rayen performing dual vocals and acoustic guitar duties, this touring lineup also included current Wednesday 13 bassist Nate Manor on electric bass with Roman Surman as the electric guitarist. The band cite many country legends such as Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard as their main influences, claiming that Highway to Hangovers is a salute to these musicians. The subject matter of many of the songs on the record is comical, with satirical lyrics about such topics as alcohol, sex and death however Bourbon Crow state the album was a serious attempt at Outlaw Country. Long Way to the Bottom: From the band's Myspace page: "Bourbon Crow recently finished recording their sophomore release at Hooverama studios in Charlotte, NC.This is the same location Wednesday 13 has used for the past 12 years to record his Wednesday 13 and Frankenstein Drag Queens releases. A total of 13 songs were recorded for the release which has been titled Long Way to the Bottom. Only 10 of these songs will be used for the release. The recording session was video taped and maybe included with the finished product as a bonus." The album was preceded by 2 free podcasts ("crowcasts") which were released from Wednesday and Rayen online. Long Way From the Bottom was officially released on May 5.

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