Brad Wood is a record producer from Rockford, Illinois. He served as a drummer for the band Shrimp Boat. Brad records, mixes and produces records and is based in Los Angeles, California. He began his career in earnest in 1988 with the construction of Idful Music Corporation- a recording studio in Chicago, Illinois' Wicker Park. While there he recorded and produced hundreds of records, including Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville, Ben Lee's Grandpa Would, Sunny Day Real Estate's Diary and LP2, Red Red Meat, Seam, That Dog, and many more. After relocating to Los Angeles, Brad has continued to work primarily from his Seagrass Studio in Valley Village on recordings by mewithoutYou, Say Anything, Pete Yorn, and Dar Williams, to name a few. Records produced: Album Artist/Band Year Speckly Shrimp Boat 1989 Dancing Underwater Freakwater 1991 Duende Shrimp Boat 1992 Crowbar Mind Big Onion Man 1992 Jesus Built a Ship to Sing a Song To Jeff Lescher and Janet Beveridge Bean 1992 The Lilacs Rise Above the Filth The Lilacs 1992 Kernel Seam 1992 Uptighty Uptighty 1992 Cavale Shrimp Boat 1993 Clincher Tar 1993 Criminal Element God and Texas 1993 Inside the Future Trenchmouth 1993 The Problem with Me Seam 1993 Electra 2000 Hum 1993 Exile in Guyville Liz Phair 1993 Double Shot God and Texas 1994 Dreamcake Jale 1994 Funny Farm King Kong 1994 American Thighs Veruca Salt 1994 Whip-Smart Liz Phair 1994 Diary Sunny Day Real Estate 1994 Jimmywine Majestic Red Red Meat 1994 Memory Barge Hardvark 1994 The Sea and Cake The Sea and Cake 1994 Ursa Major Eleventh Dream Day 1994 Are You Driving Me Crazy? Seam 1995 Breathe Loud Lucy 1995 Bunny Gets Paid Red Red Meat 1995 Feels Like the Third Time Freakwater 1995 Meet the Real You Noise Addict 1995 LP2 Sunny Day Real Estate 1995 Menthol Menthol 1995 Broadcaster Triple Fast Action 1995 Grandpaw Would Ben Lee 1995 Placebo Placebo 1996 So Wound Jale 1996 Strand The Spinanes 1996 Tin Cans with Strings to You Far 1996 Wrecked by Lions Number One Cup 1997 All Disco Dance Must End in Broken Bones Whale 1997 Something to Remember Me By Ben Lee 1997 Retreat from the Sun that dog. 1997 Come Clean Mysteries of Life 1998 Whitechocolatespaceegg Liz Phair 1998 Adore The Smashing Pumpkins 1998 Hedwig and the Angry Inch (original cast recording) 1999 One Diane Izzo 1999 White Out Verbow 2000 Open Heart Surgery Virginwool 2000 Musicforthemorningafter Pete Yorn 2001 Closer Better Than Ezra 2001 Vertigo Jump, Little Children 2001 Only If You Look Up Portable 2002 Doll Revolution The Bangles 2003 The Fire Theft The Fire Theft 2003 Day I Forgot Pete Yorn 2003 Welcome to the Middle Laguardia 2003 Catch for Us the Foxes mewithoutYou 2004 Awake Is the New Sleep Ben Lee 2005 A Burn or a Shiver Edison Glass 2006 Happiness & Disaster Stabilo 2006 Desert Lights Something for Kate 2006 About-Face The Working Title 2006 Brother, Sister mewithoutYou 2006 Shine Sarah Bettens 2007 In Defense of the Genre Say Anything 2007 Attack Dead Child 2008 Promised Land Dar Williams 2008 Starting Gun Signal Hill Transmission 2008 I'll Wait for Sound Director 2009 The Rebirth of Venus Ben Lee 2009 Hell or High Water As Cities Burn 2009 It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright mewithoutYou 2009 QU Sherwood 2009 Let's Take a Walk Long Live Logos 2009 Oh My Garden Sophie Koh 2012 Is Survived By Touché Amoré 2013 TBA Veruca Salt 2014 Hebrews Say Anything 2014

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