Contemporary Country
Growing up in a suburb of Chattanooga, TN, Brandon Maddox, at the age of twelve began learning how to play the guitar and started his journey as a songwriter and performer. Having played the harmonica since the age of nine, Brandon, used this skill to add to his performances and shows when he began performing three years later. His first audiences were largely family and friends and later progressed to bigger venues. By age eighteen, he was playing in front of audiences upwards of five hundred people at various venues in Chattanooga, TN.

His influences range from the Beatles to Ralph Stanley and span from today’s Country to yesterday’s Folk and Rock ‘n’ Roll. From those early influences, he began to hone his craft of songwriting and adopt styles and techniques used by one of the early masters of songwriting, the Beatles. He also drew extensively from his favorite artists in his early years and also those that he’s come to like from listening to them on the radio.In 2008, Brandon, was signed as a staff writer to a small publishing company on music row known as Faverett Entertainment Group. He has currently has written upwards of 770 songs and is now signed to Foothill Entertainment Group out of Nashville, TN.

He performs at several venues in Nashville and neighboring towns, and has had roughly twelve of his songs played on Independent radio and has had several cuts by artists in the Independent world including one which was used in the movie "Unconditional" in 2012! He has written and continues to write with many hit writers and artists, some of which are on major record labels including Roy August writer of, “Fancy Free” who has this to say about Brandon, “Brandon, is an awesome songwriter, so it doesn’t surprise me that he has had several of his songs recorded by independent artists, he certainly made me a fan of his songwriting and singing. I wish I had talent like he has and a great singing voice. I hope he keeps up the good writing and singing.”

His faith plays a key role in Maddox’s music, as he plays in church from time to time and writes songs that often have a and positive message and a Christian theme to them. He hopes to reach people that don’t go to church and who are not “believers” by writing songs that speak to them as well.

As long has there’s a guitar in his hand, Brandon Maddox, will remain a prolific songwriter who will continue to impress audiences with his skill in songwriting and performing. With iron will determination, it’s evident that he will continue to go down the musical road that leads him onward to inspire others to embark on their own journey as artists and professionals in the music industry.