Outlaw Country
I live in the East Coast, located in Pennsylvania just miles from the Mason Dixon line. I've played guitar since I was 12, and have started writing songs around the same time. The songwriting was first, then the music followed to help fuel my passion. I see a musician as an artist, but I envy those who write songs and play. They are the real artist in my opinion. When they sing their own songs, it actually means something to them, and touches others.

Currently I only have made one album. This was a self titled album that I recorded using an 8-track digital recorder from Fostex. I will admit the album was rushed, and the quality isn't the greatest. I promise the next album will be better, much much better! Its been five years since that album came out, and I've learned quite a bit since then, and have changed my style some. I have the songs and the material..but I’m taking my time on this one. Expect it to be released in 2013. I've been working hard on it these past few weeks.