Brent Ronen
Harvey & Luella is the debut release by Nashville based singer/songwriter Brent Ronen. It is filled with songs covering a broad range of subjects. From gossip in small towns, to promising something he knows he can’t deliver (the moon). Ronen takes the listener on a personalized trip through his sometimes quirky, sometimes quite serious world. There are songs of love, songs of loss and even a song about his Grandpa falling into a tree.
For over two and a half years, Brent has labored in his studio, and with the exception of a few special guests on piano, steel guitar, bass and organ has completely produced this CD by himself. “It was important to me to be an artist and not the corporate guy writing for my daily bread,” Ronen says, “I write to please me, to create. The songs on this CD are all me and I’m proud of that.”
Brent is originally from a small town in the middle of Kansas. He learned to sing in the cab of a tractor while working on his Grandpa’s farm, and learned to play guitar from his Uncle Dennis who himself had a band. He later played for several years as Brent Ronen & The Always Near Band.
After receiving some attention from MCA records, Brent decided to move to Nashville to be able to focus on his music career. He worked to hone his songwriting skills as well as performance and production in his own studio.
Attention from Sony Records came next, but by that time, Ronen had realized that his dream was to put music out himself. That was the beginning of the project that would end up as the CD entitled Harvey & Luella.
Ronen thinks that in this day and age, it is possible for anyone to break through. You don’t have to have a big company behind you to be successful. Talent is still a prerequisite, and if you find your audience, anything is possible.