Outlaw Country
Born February 23, 1953 in Ettelbruck Luxembourg, Wayne had an American education from the age of 9. He is fluent in US-English and, believe it or not, he also speaks Luxembourgish, German and French and studies Russian.

Since the age of 14 he played rock' n' roll and beat-music. In 1974 he gave up his first job as a nurse to go fully professional with a pop group called 'Family Tree' and toured through clubs in Spain, France, Germany and Benelux. In 1975 he worked part-time as a truck driver, dee-jay and store-manager, later realizing his childhood dream when he studied fashion design in Paris and for a few years worked successfully in the business, in Paris and New York. The fashion business was tough, so for relaxation B.C. Wayne played music at night at some bars in Paris and New York. It was then he discovered his love for Country Music.
In 1982 he put his first Buffalo Wayne Band together and went on a music tour to Iceland.

1984 he did his first US tour, California, Arizona, Louisiana and Texas where he played alongside J.David Sloan & the rogues ( at Mr.Lucky's in Phoenix, AZ), Lyle Lovett, Richard Dobson and Rusty Wier, just to name a few. Lyle Lovett, who is a close friend, introduces him as "The European Texan" to their audiences, a name that has stuck ever since.

90% of his performed music is self-penned ……….. often reflecting true stories …….. a fact that is echoed with all 12 tracks on this new album, being Buffalo C. Wayne originals. Wayne's musical influences come from a mix of Blues, Rock, Jazz and Folk, so "Gunflower is certainly not a traditional country album by any means. In fact, there is very little of what I would call Country content on here. That doesn't mean it's a bad album though. Far from it!! This is a very good album that takes me back in places and revives fond memories of the late 60s early 70s.

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Good example's are "California Lady," which has the mind driving along the highway in mid-summer with the top down and a couple of girls in the back. Aahhh, what memories!!! Then there's "When I Was Young" which remembers the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Hippy pot smoking days, and the infectious "Tonight I Found Gold" with a chorus that I defy you to keep yourself from singing along to.

In "Hooked On A Redneck Girl," he let's you know of his country influences with his mention in the lyrics of liking Shania Twain and The Dixie Chicks. I love the line that goes; "I love girls with Dolly Parton breasts, long legged and wild and built to last, yeh I like Redneck women." The song has a heavy beat that is sure to appeal to the linedancers, as is the jaunty, "Country Girl."

The most Country sounding tracks come later in the album, like the frantically paced "Blame It On Me", "Her Daddies Got A Gun," another for the linedancers, and "Revolutionary" another nostalgia song back to the 60s with the line; "We'll blow your ass to Mars, Revolutionary." Good fun!!!

There are just two slow ballads on the album, the reflective "God Bless My Ex" and the wonderful "If You Can't Forgive," a song that, talks of trying to forgive infidelity for the sake of the children. There's some excellent, and engaging piano on this track from Mike Bell that, I could listen to over and over again. Excellent!!!!

As I said earlier, this isn't an album for traditional country music fans, but if you grew up like me, as a teenager of the 60s, then I am sure you will revive many a memory on this very well put together and very enjoyable album. With the added bonus of an extra CD containing music Videos, "Gunflower" is excellent value for money and highly recommended! Find out how to get hold of a copy and check out his other 5 albums, on his website at; www.buffalo-c-wayne.com

Ray Grundy
Ray Grundy's Metro Country, UK.