Calico may refer to: Contents 1 Textiles, 2 Plants and animals, 3 Places, 4 People, 5 Companies and organizations, 6 Other uses, 7 See also, Textiles: Calico (textile), a plain-woven cotton textile, Calico (American English), the same as chintz, Plants and animals: Calico butterfly, a genus of brush-footed butterflies commonly called the Crackers, Calicoes, or Clicks, Calico cat, a domestic cat with the common three- or four-colored coat pattern calico, Calico (goldfish), goldfish that have a type of metallic and transparent scales, Calico grouper, a species of fish found in Bermuda and the United States, Kalmia latifolia, a species of flowering plant also known as calico-bush, Aristolochia littoralis, a species of vine also called calico flower, Flint corn, sometimes called calico corn, Calico Bristle-nose Pleco, a color mutation of the Common Bristle-nose Pleco Ancistrus cirrhosus, Places: Calico Mountains (California), a mountain range in the Mojave Desert Calico Peaks, mountains within the Calico mountain range, Calico Early Man Site, a possible archaeological site in the mountain range, , Calico Mountains (Nevada), in northwestern Nevada, Calico, Kern County, California, an unincorporated community, Calico, San Bernardino County, California, a ghost town, Calico National Recreation Trail, Colorado, Calico, West Virginia, People: Calico Cooper (born 1981), American actress; daughter of rock and roll musician Alice Cooper, Calico Jack (1682-1720), English pirate captain in the early 18th century, Tara Calico (born 1969), a 19-year-old who disappeared in 1988, Tyrone Calico (born 1980), American football wide receiver, Companies and organizations: Calico (company), an independent venture from Google founders to tackle the most difficult health care problems, such as extending lifespan, CALICO (consortium) (Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium), an international consortium devoted to the dissemination of information concerning language learning technology, Other uses: Calico Mills, one of Ahmedabad's (India) earliest textile mills, Calico Light Weapons Systems, a small firearms manufacturing company currently based in Hillsboro, Oregon, Calico Solar Energy Project, a proposed California solar energy plant, Calico Acts, 1690-1721 laws that banned the import of textiles into England, Calico, a research vessel in the 1978-81 Godzilla animated series, Calico Panorama, a software tool by Kekus Digital to stitch panorama images., "Calico", a song by Alien Ant Farm from ANThology

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