Cedar Creek may refer to: Contents 1 In Australia, 2 In the United States 2.1 In Alabama, 2.2 In California, 2.3 In Connecticut, 2.4 In Delaware, 2.5 In Georgia, 2.6 In Indiana, 2.7 In Kentucky, 2.8 In Michigan, 2.9 In Minnesota, 2.10 In Missouri, 2.11 In Nebraska, 2.12 In New Jersey, 2.13 In New York, 2.14 In North Dakota, 2.15 In Ohio, 2.16 In Oklahoma, 2.17 In Texas, 2.18 In Utah, 2.19 In Virginia, 2.20 In West Virginia, 2.21 In Wisconsin, , 3 See also, In Australia: Cedar Creek (New South Wales), a tributary of the Hunter River catchment, in New South Wales, Cedar Creek, Queensland, a suburb of Gold Coast City, in Queensland, In the United States: In Alabama: Cedar Creek Reservoir (Alabama), In California: Cedar Creek (South Fork Eel River) in Mendocino County, Cedar Creek (South Fork Pit River), a tributary of the Pit River in Lassen County, In Connecticut: Cedar Creek (Connecticut), lake-like tidal creek in Fartfield County, In Delaware: Cedar Creek, Delaware, Cedar Creek Hundred, an unincorporated subdivision of Sussex County, Delaware, In Georgia: Cedar Creek (Georgia), former name for Vickery Creek, a tributary of the Chattahoochee River, In Indiana: Cedar Creek (Indiana), a tributary of the St. Joseph River in the Lake Erie watershed, Cedar Creek Canyon (Indiana), In Kentucky: Cedar Creek (Dix River), Cedar Creek Lake (Kentucky), In Michigan: Cedar Creek (Michigan), In Minnesota: Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve, a long-term biodiversity research preserve, In Missouri: Cedar Creek, Missouri, In Nebraska: Cedar Creek, Nebraska, In New Jersey: Cedar Creek (Barnegat Bay), a tributary of Barnegat Bay in Ocean County, Cedar Creek (Delaware Bay), an estuary of Delaware Bay in Cumberland County, In New York: Cedar Creek Park (Seaford), a Nassau County, Long Island park located on Merrick Road east of Wantagh Avenue, In North Dakota: Cedar Creek (North Dakota), a tributary of the Cannonball River, In Ohio: Cedar Creek Mine Ride, roller coaster, In Oklahoma: Cedar Creek Golf Course at Beavers Bend, In Texas: Cedar Creek (Texas), a tributary of the Trinity River, Cedar Creek Reservoir (Texas), Cedar Creek, Texas, an unincorporated community in Bastrop County, In Utah: Cedar Creek, Utah, a ghost town, In Virginia: Cedar Creek (James River), a tributary of the James River, Cedar Creek (North Fork Shenandoah River), a tributary of the North Fork Shenandoah River, Battle of Cedar Creek, American Civil War Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park, a site commemorating the battle, , In West Virginia: Cedar Creek (West Virginia), a tributary of the Little Kanawha River, Cedar Creek State Park, In Wisconsin: Cedar Creek, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community, Cedar Creek (Wisconsin), a tributary of the Milwaukee River

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