Charles Bishop is the name of: Charles Reed Bishop (1822-1915), Hawaiian businessman, Charles Francis Bishop (1888-1954), US Navy/Medal of Honor recipient, Charles Bishop (cricketer) (1879-1943), English crickeer, Charles A. Bishop (1854-1908), politician and jurist in the State of Iowa, Charles E. Bishop (born 1921), leading authority in the field of agricultural economics and president of the University of Arkansas, Charles F. Bishop (1844-1913), Mayor of the City of Buffalo, New York, Charles Lawrence Bishop (1876-1966), Canadian journalist and politician, Charles Bishop (Alabama senator), Alabama senator fl. 1983-present, Charles Bishop (pilot) (c. 1987-2002), amateur terrorist, Charlie Bishop (baseball) (1924-1993), Major League Baseball player, Charlie Bishop (footballer) (born 1968), English former footballer, Charles Bishop (Home and Away), a fictional character on the Australian soap opera Home and Away

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