Charles Eugene "Charlie" Hall III (born May 30, 1973) is a Christian worship leader and songwriter from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is a member of a group of musicians and speakers that collectively form the Passion movement. Career: Charlie Hall Charlie is a songwriter/pastor based in Oklahoma City, where he is the Pastor of Worship Arts and Liturgy at Frontline Church. He has been writing songs for the Church and leading congregations across the world for more than 20 years, and has been a part of many adventures within the Church's constant engagement with creativity, adoration, servitude, and prayer in the lyric of God's Good News. Charlie's ever-growing roles in his church, and in churches across the land have led him into speaking engagements sharing his experiences as a songwriter working to capture the beauty and power of the cross, as it collides with the bright and dark, and every space between, in the life of a believer. He reflects deeply on the challenges of communicating God's massive and strange story in ways that can be sung and prayed by all kinds of churches, in faithfulness to the Gospel and responsiveness to their communities. He is working in continuing seminary study in theology and worship, while serving the people of Frontline Church's congregations in central Oklahoma. As an independent artist, grounded in a community, Charlie continues to write his thoughtful, Gospel- breathing music with his friends in Oklahoma City and beyond, releasing full-length albums such as 2013's The Death Of Death, liturgically-driven EPs like the Advent EP, and contributing tracks to the Verses Project. He is writing and shepherding the musicians and worship pastors at Frontline, and in the OKC community, to grow in the wisdom and the knowledge of God, and to bring it to bear in their psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. The Gear, Avalon Legacy A25 Acoustic, LR Baggs Venue DI, Fender American Telecaster, Stulce Amp, D'Addario Strings, DMB Pedals, Aviom Monitoring, Walrus Audio Pedals Hall's band, in which he performs vocals and guitar, consists of Ben Freeman (electric guitar and keyboards), Dustin Ragland (drums), and Quint Anderson (bass synth).

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