Charles Williams may refer to: Contents 1 United Kingdom, 2 United States, 3 Other countries, 4 See also, United Kingdom: Sir Charles Hanbury Williams (1708-1759), Member of Parliament and satirist, Charles Williams, Baron Williams of Elvel (born 1933), retired business executive, Labour peer and cricketer, Charles Williams (MCC cricketer, 1823) (1800-1830), English first-class cricketer, Charles Williams (academic) (1804-1877), principal of Jesus College, Oxford, Charles Williams (artist) (born 1965), artist in the Stuckist movement, Charles Williams (caricaturist) (died 1838), British caricaturist, etcher and illustrator, Charlie Williams (comedian) (1927-2006), British footballer and comedian, Charles Williams (composer) (1893-1978), British composer, Charlie Williams (footballer) (1873-1952), Manchester City goalkeeper, first manager Danish national team, 1908-1910, also Brazilian clubs in Rio, Charles Frederick Williams (1838-1904), British newspaper editor and war correspondent, Charlie Williams (motorcyclist) (born 1950), British motorcyclist, Charles Williams (priest) (1906/7-1961), theologian and chaplain of Merton College, Oxford, Charlie Williams (British writer) (born 1971), author of The Mangel Trilogy, Charles Williams (British writer) (1886-1945), British novelist, poet and publisher; associate of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and member of the Inklings, Charles Williams (UK politician) (1886-1955), British Member of Parliament, Charles Henry Williams (1834-1908), Member of Parliament for Barnstaple, 1868-1874, Charles James Watkin Williams (1828-1884), British Member of Parliament for Caernarvonshire, 1880, Charles Williams (athlete) (1887-1971), British track and field athlete who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics, Charles Williams (of Llangibby) (1591-1641), English politician who sat in the House of Commons in 1621, Charles Greville Williams (1829-1910), English scientist and analytical chemist, United States: Charles Williams, Mayor of Rockford, Illinois, 1859-64, Charles Williams (U.S. author) (1909-1975), U.S. author of suspense novels (Dead Calm, Hotspot,...), "Prince" Charles Williams (boxer) (born 1962), Charles A. Williams III (born 1973), American writer, lecturer and activist, Charles D. Williams (1860-1923), fourth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, C. Dickerman Williams (1900-1998), lawyer and freedom-of-speech advocate, Charles G. Williams (1829-1892), U.S. Representative from Wisconsin, Charles Holston Williams (1886-1978), Hampton University, Virginia, physical educator, Charles Insco Williams (1853-1923), artist and architect in Dayton, Ohio, Charles K. Williams (1782-1853), governor of Vermont, C. K. Williams (Charles Kenneth Williams, born 1936), American poet, Charles M. Williams, head football and basketball coach at Temple University, Charles M. Williams (academic) (1917-2011), Harvard Business School professor, Charles Q. Williams (1933-1982), United States Army officer and Medal of Honor recipient, Charles Andrew Williams (born 1986), convicted murderer in shooting spree at Santana High School, Charlie Williams (American football) (born 1972), NFL safety for the Dallas Cowboys, Charlie Williams (basketball) (born 1943), basketball player, Charles Williams (musician) (born 1932), saxophonist, Charlie Williams (pitcher) (1947-2015), Major League Baseball player, Charlie Williams (promoter) (born c. 1977), Korean American promoter and TV producer, Charlie Williams (shortstop) (1903-1931), American baseball shortstop in the Negro Leagues, Charlie Williams (umpire) (1943-2005), umpire in Major League Baseball, Charles Williams (Wisconsin), Wisconsin State Assemblyman, Charley Williams (born 1928), American boxer, Chuck Williams (author) (born 1915), founder of the Williams-Sonoma cookery company, Other countries: Charlie Williams (soccer) (born 1944), soccer player from Malta, Charles Cromwell Williams (1896-1975), railway worker and political figure in Saskatchewan, Canada, Charles Morgan Williams (politician) (1878-1970), New Zealand politician, Charles Williams (Australian politician), Labor member of the Western Australian Legislative Council, 1928-1948, Charles Williams (rugby union), South African rugby union player

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