PUBLICITY: Cary Baker (Los Angeles)
RADIO: Leslie Rouffe (Nashville)

NEW YORK TIMES "As a songwriter, Ms. Rose works in the realm of Lucinda Williams, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Alejandro Escovedo and other terse, unflinching songwriters on the rock fringe of country. She sings about hard-nosed characters — herself, perhaps, among them"

USA TODAY (PLAYLIST PICK) "Rose revives a great Julie Miller rocker on her swampy Ray Wylie Hubbard-produced Ghost of Browder Holler album.

OXFORD AMERICAN “The fact that Ray Wylie Hubbard produced this album is probably reason enough to buy it or download it or whatever you do to get music these days. But you’ll be getting a lot more than that. This is one of those albums that you put on, hoping it will be good, and it turns out to be better than you had any right to expect. If you were playing it on a turntable, you’d keep moving the tone-arm back to play certain tracks over again.” —WILLIAM GAY

LONE STAR MUSIC MAGAZINE "Now this woman can sing. And growl. And purr. And rock. Basically, Chelle Rose does everything a real live country ingénue is supposed to do. And it’s all on display on Ghost of Browder Holler. But if you’ve grown accustomed to today’s country served up by artists who hail from the other side of Mrs. Mason and Dixon’s line and warble in affected Southern accents, Rose and that voice that drips sweet Tupelo honey on every syllable sung will be a much-needed shock to your system."

AMERICAN SONGWRITER “Rose and her sassy stance (make) the Dixie Chicks sound like Taylor Swift and pushes this into the red where it stays for 40 swaggering, brash minutes.”

BLOGCRITICS “Who can Chelle Rose be compared to? I suppose one could come up with a list of influences and peers, but any such list would be misleading. Perhaps a jigger of Marianne Faithful, a shot of Townes Van Zandt, and a pinch from Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind period. But mostly we’re looking at a new, original recipe available in only one kitchen.”

STANDARD-EXAMINER “This album shows many real and fierce facets to Rose’s talent. Try her on for size if you are a fan of no-nonsense female songsmiths like Lucinda Williams and Loretta Lynn. You’re likely to find her a fine fit.”

COUNTRY CHART.COM “Yes, there is an alternative to the forgettable sound of a progression of popular but uninspiring artists. Her name is Chelle Rose, and Ray Wylie Hubbard has produced an album that won't let you forget it.”

MICHAEL DOHERTY’S MUSIC LOG “When you pop in Chelle Rose's new CD, Ghost Of Browder Holler, the first thing that will hit you is her voice. At times she sounds like a female Mick Jagger, when the Stones were in their excellent country rock period, the way she deliberately stretches a vowel out. It's a sort of affected twang, that Jagger did so well. She also reminds me a bit of Marshall Chapman, the way her voice creates such a vivid picture, a living world. There is also some of the roughness of Tom Waits in the arrangements and delivery.”

27 LEGGIES “ . . .probably the best new album I have heard so far this year: Ghost of Browder Holler by Chelle Rose. Browder Holler is down in East Tennessee, which is where Chelle herself is from. She really makes the place come alive with a very nice line in character and story songs of the South of the sort you associate with Tony Joe White, Larry Jon Wilson and James "No Middle Name" McMurtry. In other words, bloody good songs.