Cherie is a given name. Notable people with the name include: Cherie (singer), full name Cyndi Almouzni, French pop and dance singer. Also performed under the mononym Cyndi, Cherie Bennett (born 1960), American novelist, actress, director, playwright, newspaper columnist, singer and television writer, Cherie K. Berry, American politician from North Carolina, Cherie Blair, (born 1954), known professionally as Cherie Booth QC, British barrister practising in UK, wife of former prime minister Tony Blair, Cherie Chung (born 1960), Hong Kong film actress, Cherie Currie (born 1959), American musician, singer, songwriter, actress, and artist, Cherie DeCastro (1922-2010), one of The DeCastro Sisters, a female singing trio, Cherie Hausler (born 1973), Australian television presenter, journalist, food stylist and creative director, Cherie Johnson (born 1975), American film and television actress, Cherie Lunghi (born 1952), English film, television and theatre actress, Cherie Piper (born 1981), Canadian ice hockey player, Cherie Priest (born 1975), American novelist and blogger, Cherie Roberts (born 1978), aka Kitana Jade, American model and photographer, Cherie Witter (born 1963), American model and Playboy Playmate (February 1985)

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