Chilton Price was born Chilton Searcy near Fern Creek, KY. After attending the University of Louisville, where she studied music appreciation, she played violin for the Louisville Orchestra during the '30s and '40s. In 1950, she met Pee Wee King and Redd Stewart while working as a music librarian at radio station WAVE, where King and Stewart performed regularly. She showed them a number of songs she had written, and they helped her get published and make additional music contacts (in exchange for sharing songwriting credit, of course). Her biggest hits were "Slow Poke" (a big hit for Pee Wee King) and "You Belong to Me," which has been performed by everyone from Jo Stafford and Dean Martin to the Duprees and the Flat Duo Jets. Despite having to share credit on songs she wrote by herself, Price remains grateful to King and Stewart for making it all happen. As of 2002, Chilton Price was still living in the Louisville area, and was still writing songs. ~ Sean Westergaard, Rovi