Chris Beck was Born Christopher S. Beck to Bernard and Caroline Beck March 2, 1984. His hometown is Brockway Pennsylvania, and was raised there up until 1995 when he and his family moved to Port Charlotte Florida. It was there in Port Charlotte that he then started concentrating on achieving his dreams. As a kid Chris was the average kid, he grew up with his huge family all around him, and spent his time listening to greats like: Garth Brooks, Hank William Sr. /Jr., George strait, Randy Travis, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Chet Atkins. These men became a great influence on the way Chris writes his music. Although he grew up on all the greats it wasn’t till late 1995 that his dreams were realized and able to made possible when he met who is now his uncle Pierre R. Hilaire (The leader of Villaire in the 80’s and a huge veteran to the music business and co-writer for donna summers’ Dinner with Gershwin also signed to Emi Records. Also the front man to Remote Control Egypt, and Bicycle Boy.)

In the summer of 1996 Chris got his first two Guitars which were: a Humming bird dreadnought made by Aria (a former sub branch of Gibson), and a Fender Acoustic Guitar. It was on these two guitars that Chris’ first songs were written. Being a self taught musician, and coming from a long line of guitar players Chris found that he had the ability to write songs that touch people on the inside as well as the outside. However, it wasn’t till mid 2001 that Chris first ventured into the music business professionally. At the age of sixteen Chris released his first single on Mp3. Com under the stage name Chris T. Beck. The two songs that were released were The Storm Begins (also available on the cd Chris Beck New Man Inside released on his independent label New Man Records), and My Angel (Night by Night).And before he knew it both songs reached 1 on the pop rock local charts from North Port FL, Port Charlotte Fl, Sarasota County FL, and Charlotte County, and reaching 64 on the National Charts. Those two songs stayed number one and two for Sixteen weeks straight. Therefore giving Chris the insight into his future and showing him he just might have what it takes.

In the fall of 2002 Chris took a sabbatical from life in Florida and moved back to his hometown where he lived with his Father, and began to write country music. However, in early 2003 Chris got a call from Pierre Hilaire yet again to move back to Port Charlotte FL to reside in the place of his late aunt Patricia Hilaire for Remote Control Egypt (released under The Orchard, and Gabrielle Rae Entertainment). It was during his time with remote Control Egypt that he released his next hit song “Crying Eyes” written by both Chris Beck and Pierre Hilaire in 2004 on the album Junk Behavior. This was also the year that Chris met and then married his Wife Barbara (Barbie) Beck who is now Vice President and head of accounting for New Man Records. Although it was the happiest day of his life, the real joy he felt was when his first born son Micah Shaun Beck was born. And then again when his daughter Mariah was born. After releasing “Crying Eyes” on Junk Behavior in 2004.Chris then ventured into the heavy metal genre as the bass player/singer/songwriter for Tunnel Rat in 2005, releasing their only album entitled “Out of My Mind”. Although, the band broke up shortly after that due to problems at home, and creative differences Chris hails it as another big accomplishment over the last six Years.

And now in 2008 after writing, working hard, and trying to get his independent label started, he is in the studio working on his second studio project entitled: Chris Beck “Another Time”. Combined of a brilliant yet stylish mix of the old 50’s country music, and today’s country music this album is said to Blow Peoples minds. However, When Chris isn’t in the studio recording he's spending time enjoying his favorite hobbies which include: Drawing, Writing, and Fishing, browsing the internet, and spending time with his Kids.

But there are three questions that he has been asked several times and those questions are:

Question: “Where do you get your ideas?"

Answer: “I get my ideas from my life, things around me, a lot of what’s going on inside people’s hearts, and minds.”

Question: "What inspires you to write all these great songs?"

Answer: “The inspiration comes from my wife Barbie, and my kids, which really if you think about it is a really big part of me, and a really big piece to the puzzle of my life.”

Question: "How is it that when you sing your songs you seem to feel the same feelings that inspired them?”

Answer: “the reason it seems like the songs are more than just words to me is for the simple fact that I take what everyone is feeling whether it be sad about a certain tragedy or happy about something fun and amusing, and hold onto them feelings so when I get in the studio I can be that persons voice only it’s really me singing instead of them.”

It has been said by Kix Country 92.9’s Dj of the weekly top 30 and Red Hot spotlight Dave Darrel and I quote “these are really great songs and really do like them” After appearing on the Red Hot spotlight locally three times in two years Chris has submitted songs to Clear Channel Radio, and has been picked up yet again. What amazing ride!

Chris Beck! Who is he?

Let’s just put the way he would and say “he’s just an ordinary human being doing what he loves to do. Playing music and writing songs that really relate to people”

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